Five common travel mistakes and ways to avoid them

These days life has become tedious and boring because of our busy schedules and our being engrossed in work all the time. Vacations or travelling is the best way to get rid of the stress and tension of our daily lives. Travelling is equally important for maintaining our physical and mental health. However, you need to be careful while you are planning to travel because even a seemingly small mistake is enough to ruin the joy and happiness of your travelling. The excellent article below contains tips how to avoid travelling mistakes to make your tour memorable and enjoyable.


Not booking enough connection time between flights:

This is an important aspect that you should keep in mind before booking the flight. There should be sufficient time between two connecting flights. This is necessary, as it will reduce the hassles in catching a connecting flight if there are certain issues like a big airport where the gates are quite far from one another. In addition, it reduces the chances of your baggage getting lost. According to Sally Watkins, who is a travel agent from Texas, you should never trust the airlines blindly as their flight timing depend on the change time of the airport. Therefore, before booking the tickets, you should be fully aware of the time gap between your connecting flights.


Not applying for your passport early enough:

While traveling you should always check your passport. If you already have one, make sure it is still valid and has not expired. If you do not have a passport make sure you apply for it well in advance, because it generally takes four to six months for the processing your routine passport. In some countries, you require a passport with six months validity remaining before you enter there. In case of an urgently planned tour, you need to pay some extra fees to fasten the processing of your passport or even shortly planned trips may require consulting the local passport agency. Last but not the least, make sure that your passport has sufficient pages as for some countries like South Africa require on full blank page in your passport and it might get rejected, if you do not have enough pages in it.


Making a Choice of Hotel Based on the Marketing Photos:

While making the choice of hotels, be sure that you are not being enticed by the fake photos used by the owners to make their property look fabulous. The real information about such boasting hotels can be accessed from websites such as and The information will help you to save yourself from any misunderstanding that would ruin the joy of your entire trip. According to travel expert, Brandon Presser who also is an author of   Lonely Planet guides to Iceland and many other books, the hotels are purely meant to serve the travelers hence you should always enquire about anything you want to by calling at the hotel or sending an email.

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Not being Honest about your interests, likes and dislikes:

Before planning the trip always take time and think of the purpose you are planning the trip for. Lack of self-awareness may lead to another boring venture, which would be tiring as well. Rather than making your trip only on the recommendations of others, you should try making it your own personal time out where you would enjoy your best. Plan your vacation activities, as you would like them to be.


Trying to make out too much from a single Trip:

Always plan for sufficient days to make the more out of your tour. You should give a minimum of three days for visiting major cities like Rome, London and Paris. This will give you enough time for leisure and sightseeing. In addition, you will find time to wander about and explore your destination. These strolls can really prove to be very precious.


Here are some travelling tips to make the best of your time with your family or friends. By avoiding these simple don’ts, you would have a time that will be memorable forever.

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