Five useful travel tips from experienced travelers  

There is no beating that exhilarating feeling of getting ready for a trip to an unknown destination. While the brochures and websites about the place may provide you firsthand information of what you need to carry along, not much would be revealed about how to make the most of your trip without falling into so-called pitfalls that could potentially wreck your holiday. Not to worry though, for here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members that would help you breathe easy no matter where you are traveling to in this world.



Travel Light

Do you really need to lug around all those suitcases with you? They can get bothersome in case you have plans to be on the move for the most part of your holiday. So travel light and take along only those essentials you would absolutely need during the trip. Therefore, while the casual jeans, T-shirts go in, formal attires would go out (have just one for occasions). This would make it easier for you to move around effortlessly, especially when you come across uneven pavements or cobblestoned paths.

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Unfamiliar Cuisines

Unless you plan to cook your own food during your holiday, chances are your stomach would be exposed to a wide variety of cuisines. While some may be favorable, others may not agree with your tummy too much. So take along some over the counter medications for potential digestive problems. It also pays if you stay away from strange foods in case you have a sensitive stomach.

 Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

There are high chances you would end up walking a lot during your trip, especially if the destination you are traveling to does not have a proper transportation infrastructure. Some destinations may also charge you a bomb for local transport in which case you are better of walking. So take along a pair of comfortable shoes that have arch support and a strong heel. Opt for shoes that have good insoles, as they would keep your feet from becoming sore. Make sure to air them out every night though for you do not want to be walking around in smelly shoes for the rest of your trip.

 Local Etiquettesdfd

Local Etiquettes

Before visiting an unknown destination, it pays to read up on the local etiquettes tourists would be expected to follow there. This would save you from awkward and potentially embarrassing situations while abroad. For example, if you visiting Dubai, you need to dress decently and remain sober no matter how much you drink (at least you should not make a fool of yourself in public places). If you were visiting Muslim countries, you would need to be sure not talk to the local women without permission. The list goes on and on, so be sure you understand the follow the local etiquettes of the place you visit.

Bug Repellents

Bug Repellents

You might consider this to be an insignificant tip. However, if you are visiting a country like India, you would know what we mean. If you are sensitive to bug bites (all of us are actually), make sure to carry along extra bug repellant spray to keep your skin safe from bed bugs, mosquitoes, roaches and other nasty bugs. Always inspect the room upon arrival to see if it has been cleaned properly. If not, chances are some of these bugs may visit you sooner than you think. Also, make it a point to apply mosquito repellant cream on your body when you step out. In addition to saving your skin from nasty bites, this measure could potentially save you from life threatening diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.


Although traveling on unexpected lines would make the trip more exciting, you would need to keep certain pointers in mind before visiting any destination. These pointers would help you enjoy your holiday to the maximum without any hassles along the way.

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