Fly Naked from Erfurt to Usedom on First Naked Flight in World

German travel agency and website, OssiUrlaub has set the stage for 2008 with the world’s first nude flight.

Yes, a flight with no clothes. Everyone on the flight will be naked – “in the way God intended.”

The “Ossis” was a nickname of a group of nostalgic group of naturalists in East Germany when governed by Communism. The Ossis was a group that were authorized during the Communist rule.

Enrico Hess, founder of the OssiUrlaub company, argues that naturalist holidays were a popular and loved way of spending vacations and exercising freedom. Today, the same freedoms should be allowed in the skies and above the clouds, as well.

UsedomThese “naturalist” or nude flights will begin July 5th, 2008 and will go from the southeast city of Erfurt in Germany and will take passengers to Usedom, a paradise island in the Baltic Sea. Usedom is found on the border between Germany and Poland, and is swept with white shores, beaches, and resorts for many tourists.

Flight tickets will cost €499 or $737 in USD. There are only 50 seats on board the flight. Passengers are required to board the plane fully dressed are allowed to dress only when they are on the plane. Flight attendants and the pilots will remain clothed. The flight is approximately one hour long.

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