Holy Balanzzo I’m Overweight

The agent tells you “You’re overweight and that will cost you $50”.

 There was a time when a few kilograms or pounds over and the airline would give you a free pass. Not anymore.

 Overweight luggage is another profit source for today’s carriers and they are doing very well by sticking to the rules. A couple of years ago an agent from United Airlines would not even allow us to shift clothing from an overweight bag to one that was under.

 No time he said, but he had time to charge me the $50 on my credit card. I have been angry at the entire airline ever since.

 But this is the new world of travel. So what can you do.

 Weigh your bags at home with an instrument that is created for that task, and because it is a very lightweight product, take it with you so you can weigh your bags going home with all the purchases you have made enroute.

 The Balanzza is the product and this scale is the best as far as my research has found. It comes in an ergonomic compact shape and is easy to attached and detach from your bags with each use.

 It’s easy to lift with one hand or two and the digital scales stays lit for a few seconds after the correct weight is established.

 Its dimensions are 12 X 4 X 3.10 cm. with a total weight that is 0.100 Kgs.,virtually nothing in comparative terms.

 The company has been around for a while and takes care of customers quickly should any problems occur. Believe me problems are few and very far between.

See more on the Balanzza Luggage Scale at http://www.journeystravelgear.com/Results.cfm?keywords=balanzza At a $30 dollar price point you have a gift that will be appreciated and will last a lifetime, perhaps saving the recipient hundreds of dollars.

For other similar unique gift items for travellers go to http://www.journeystravelgear.com/

If you have travel questions email me at [email protected] Not only will I answer your inquiry quickly but it will qppear right here onTripatlas as well.


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