How to Calm Anxiety When Flying


While flying brings the opportunity to experience all sorts of exciting destinations, for those who experience anxiety after boarding the plane, it can also bring dread. It’s been reported that as much as 25 percent of Americans suffer at least some nervousness about flying, while 6.5 percent have aviophobia, a full-blown anxiety disorder.

No matter how bad your anxiety gets when flying, there are some good ways to help ease your suffering, whether you plan to fly to Colorado to tour some of the Denver houses for sale, or across the globe to vacation in an island paradise.

1. Be Aware of the Statistics

 a car accidentMost people who are anxious about flying become afraid due to media sensationalism. We usually only read about plane crashes in the headlines or hear about them on the news, while the tens of thousands of deaths every year as a result of car accidents are only occasionally reported. That skews our perception about flying, though the chances of dying as an airplane passenger are just one in 11 million, whereas you have a one in 5,000 chance of getting killed in a car accident.

2. Picture Yourself Enjoying Your Destination

Especially if you’ve got a fun trip planned, imagining yourself having a great time enjoying your destination, perhaps there will be spectacular scenery, outdoor adventures or interesting cultural attractions, or you’ll get to visit family you haven’t seen for a while – any reason that might make you smile. The more you can get excited about going and enjoying the experience once you’re there, the faster that anxiety is likely to fade.

3. Don’t Hide Your Nervousness

Don't Hide Your NervousnessThere is no reason to feel embarrassed if your nerves are getting the best of you. As a fear of flying is so common, flight attendants are used to dealing with it. Most airline crew will do their best to take care of passengers who are uneasy and make them feel more comfortable – they’re trained to be empathetic.

4. Relax and Take Calming Breaths

Try to keep your posture more relaxed – don’t tightly cling to the armrests as it can actually make any anxiety you might be feeling even worse. Think about loosening your muscles while taking slow deep breaths, especially during takeoff.

5. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Limit Caffeine and AlcoholWhile sipping a cup of coffee or drinking a caffeinated soda probably won’t raise anxiety levels too much, if you overdo it, your anxiety might get a whole lot worse. Too much caffeine can not only cause dehydration which contributes to more fearful feelings, but it can lead to a panic attack. Aim to drink plenty of water instead. Same goes for alcohol, which also causes dehydration – and, one too many cocktails can make it a nightmare after you land too, worsening jetlag not to mention trying to orient yourself in a new city.

6. Distract Yourself

Bring some of your favorite items from home to distract yourself, perhaps loading up your iPad with some comedy shows, bringing a good book you’ve been wanting to finish, adding some relaxing songs or even a guided meditation to your smartphone to listen to.

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