How To Find The Right Yacht For Your Vacation

How To Find The Right Yacht For Your Vacation

Having the wind touch your hair while sailing around is a relaxing feeling. Owning a yacht, especially for frequent sailors, makes it easy to reduce stress and anxiety with water adventures and serene views. More importantly, as the owner, you have complete control in terms of locations, whenever you want.

Aside from contributing to positive mental health, yacht ownership could also be a good investment opportunity. It could be convenient if your primary reason for purchasing one is only for family and trips. This allows you to have a more affordable getaway.

However, if you are considering owning one for business purposes, you may want to consider various types of costs:

  1. Taxes
  2. Fuel Cost
  3. Maintenance Cost
  4. Captain and Service Crew Costs
  5. Yacht Insurance

Whether you are looking for pre-owned or brand-new yachts, many are available for sale in different parts of the world right now. If you want to purchase one, check out this website.

Whatever the reason you have in mind, do not forget to have in-depth research first and learn about the processes and relevant factors before purchasing a yacht.

How To Choose A Yacht That Fits My Standards

After carefully evaluating your reason for purchase, the next phase is to select the yacht that matches your needs. The significant factors you must consider before getting one include the type, range, and price of yachts.

1. Type of Yacht

The three types of yachts are multi-hull, sail, and power.

Multi-hull yachts are sailing vehicles with two or more hulls. This makes them incredibly stable in rough sea waters. Additionally, it has a faster and more refined handle with a large turning radius. Multi-hull yachts are much lighter than mono-hull boats due to not needing a ballast tank for stability. This is perfect for family water travel, especially if there are people inside the yacht who instantly get dizzy.

On the other hand, sailing yachts offer sailors a more traditional experience. Without the help of large engines like the one used in power yachts, sailing yachts use ocean currents and wind patterns to arrive at a specific destination. Note that some sailing yachts have engines on standby just in case an emergency interrupts the vacation.

Last on the list are motor yachts or popularly known as power yachts. These engine-powered water vehicles offer more spacious accommodation with a speedy, sleek, and streamlined design. Among the three types of vessels, power yachts are the most luxurious superyachts that provide excellent stability while cruising and sailing harsh waters.

Moreover, the power yacht’s gallant space makes it suitable for large groups of people onboard without compromising comfort.

2. Yacht Range

The range is the distance one yacht can sail without refueling the machine. It is measured and calculated in nautical miles. This provides you with a picture of how far your yacht can travel, whether for short or long trips.

The available yacht ranges may differ in LOA or their length overall, tankage, and maximum speed. The range of yachts is as follows:

  • Performance
  • Predator
  • Manhattan
  • Yacht
  • Superyacht
  • Sports Yacht

For instance, the 100 Yachts have a measurement of 12 800 liters of fuel capacity and 30 meters of LOA, while the Predator Range has 40 knots of maximum cruising speed. The other ranges cater to the amenities and accommodation you can offer to your guests and families.

Such amenities and accommodations include a jacuzzi, luxurious cockpits, entertainment space, sun pads, and open lobbies.

3. Yacht Prices

Yacht prices vary depending on their condition, whether it is second-hand or brand new. On rare occasions, some yacht owners sell their boats for about the same price they brought for them. This only happens if the yachts are appropriately maintained and almost as good as brand news.

Good condition second-hand or pre-owned yachts can go as low as 290,000 AUD or 200,000 USD and as high as 4,311,057 AUD or 3,000,000 USD.

On the other hand, brand new yachts offer much higher pricing. Additionally, the company manufacturers are what makes them expensive. For instance, Monte Carlo Yachts range from 2,040,522.96 AUD to 7,544,187.00 AUD. Another company by the name FountainePajot Yachts ranges from 862,833,66 AUD to 1,467,404.19 AUD.

Brand new luxurious yachts from Prestige Yachts start their base price at 1,170,934.65 AUD and can go as expensive as 3,008,178.58 AUD.

Are You Ready To Own A Yacht?

Choosing a yacht based on the three factors listed in this article is the best start to critically match what you want and need. It is also important to note that owning a brand new or second-hand yacht is never cheap — from the vessels themselves to various expenses, such as maintenance costs.

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