Overcome business trip anxiety with these 7 survival tips


Travelling for work is now a given. Business travel might be very lucrative for you or the organization you work for, but it does lead to fatigue and stress. The latest research has found a direct link to higher rate of business travel to negative health outcomes. You might have experienced it yourself, and different people go through a different kind and level of stress. Check out these effective survival tips to overcome business trip anxiety, leading to better health and productivity.

7 – Survival tips to overcome business trip anxiety

1.     Use apps to make travel easier

Use apps to make travel easierThere are lots of apps which can give you the info of hotels, their rates along with the ratings. Restaurants, maps, hotels and so on are all on the apps. Especially if you’re travelling alone, you should know everything beforehand, as you will not have a partner to help you out. Use specific apps which can capture as well as itemize receipts, dining and travelling expenses, mileage and so on which you can later use to be reimbursed. It takes the hassle out of collecting and saving every single receipt!

2.     Gain clarity before your trip

Before you leave for your trip, make sure you have as many meeting with your supervisor as required. One of the things which cause anxiety to many business travelers is that the goals and expectations are not clear. To overcome business trip anxiety, discuss everything clearly with your boss, and be in touch with him/her during the trip too.

3.     Enjoy your downtime

PEOPLE ATTENDING CONFERENCETraveling for work means you have to focus on the meetings or conference you are attending. Or maybe you have to strike a big deal with someone – you must be tensed up thinking about work all the time. Instead, treat your work trip as a kind of downtime for you. Let yourself relax and enjoy the place you are visiting. This is one of the best ways to beat travel stress, and overcome business trip anxiety.

4.     Be positive

Sleeping in unfamiliar beds, eating food which you are not accustomed to, and the nervousness of having a successful trip might be giving you butterflies in your stomach. Some people actually suffer from an upset stomach due to the huge amount of stress. One of the ways to overcome this stress is to change your anxious attitude into a positive, optimistic one. Your change in your mindset will help to transform your business trip into a short vacation. Do not allow yourself any negative thoughts and you will be amazed by the results! You can return rejuvenated instead of being drained out.

5.     Start workshops in your organization

 excessive smoking or drinking,You are not the only one to experience business trip anxiety, which often leads to unhealthy behaviors such as excessive smoking or drinking, eating junk food and so on. Urge your employer to hold workshops which will teach you and your colleagues how to manage the travel anxiety. You might be taught simple exercises which can be done on the go, and how to eat right while traveling. This is one of the ways to overcome business trip anxiety.

6.     Do not expect everything to be perfect

It was found in a study that 41% business professionals found travels delays or cancellations to be extremely stressful. As far as possible, book direct flights, but still, no one guarantee flight delays or cancellation. Be prepared for anything. Have a contingency plan ready – download the books you want to read on your Kindle or e-reader and use that time to read.

Or spend the time browsing through the stores at the airport or watch a movie on your laptop or mobile. Getting your mind off the delay, which is not in your hands anyway, will improve your mood, and you will be able to use the extra time to relax.

7.     Find a hotel with good Wi-Fi in advance

Find a hotel with good Wi-Fi in advanceIf you’re working in the Sales sector, or in some other sector which require you to be in touch with your co-workers, partners, clients and vendors constantly, you will definitely need to be connected. And when you check in your hotel, and find that the Wi-Fi is not working, it can trigger your anxiety.

So to avoid an upset stomach because of no Wi-Fi, you should read the reviews of fellow travelers about the accommodation you have in mind. If along with Wi-Fi, the accommodation, there is complimentary breakfast and a recreation of fitness center, book your rooms in that hotel. You will have peace of mind, as you were able to stay on top of things, be happy that you exercised and also that you were able to eat a healthy breakfast before taking on the world!

While travelling alone, you will come across many situations which are unfamiliar and might upset you. You have to teach yourself not to panic or get angry, take a few deep, breaths just accept the situation, and try to enjoy your business trip as much as you can.

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