Places where you can easily get your pocket picked

Not all the places in the world are equally safe for travelers. Tourists often become the victims of pick pocketing. Obviously getting your pocket picked in a strange land is the worst nightmare for you. Most travelers keep their money, credit cards and other important things in their purse or wallets. The pickpockets are very smart and trained. In some countries, they work in groups and have a chain or network. They use different tricks to divert your mind and get their job done in a jiffy.


If you lose your purse or wallet consisting of cash and credit cards, the entire trip might get spoilt. Unlike the goons and armed robbers, they do not threaten your life and most of the times they escape vigilant eyes of police. Less risk and more gain has made it a lucrative crime for the miscreants. Staying alert and maintaining the necessary safety measures are all that we can do.

Distraction and compassion are the two major tools used by the pickpockets to victimize innocent travelers. Do not let yourself get distracted in the vulnerable and crime pone areas. In the following, you will find a list of places where pick pocketing is the hottest business around the town. Proper information and caution are your safety tools.

 Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spainfdv

Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain:

The streets of Barcelona are beautiful. The pedestrian walkway offers different types of entertainment to the travelers. There is no dearth of revelries or distractions. Tourists often forget to take care of their bags and wallets while walking on the pedestrian walkway of Las Ramblas. Unfortunately, the purse-snatchers and pickpockets have also realized this and they operate in groups in the busy streets of Barcelona. Be careful and extra cautious when you are in Las Ramblas. You should keep your backpack in your front and maneuver the streets without falling prey to the many distractions. Do not carry all your cash with you. Use the locker of the hotel where you are staying and keep some money inside your shoes or socks. Also, keep important documents locked in the cupboard of hotel room.

 Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy:

The beautiful Rome is the ultimate haven of bag snatchers and pickpockets. Many foreign tourists visit Rome to behold the wonderful ancient specimens of architecture. The naïve travelers are not aware of the pickpockets that follow them silently. As a result, they easily fall for the ploys of these miscreants.

 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

A funny technique that the pickpockets use is cleaning the bird drooping. They put mustard sauce on your clothes and then attract your attention to it proclaiming that it is bird drooping. Once your mind is diverted, they will pick your pocket skillfully. Do not fall for such tricks. Keep your bags closer to your body or else you will be penniless in argentine.

 Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece:

There are plenty of small and big tourist attractions around Athens. This famous Greek tourist spot draws many tourists annually. If you are not cautious, the skilled pickpockets will snatch your purse or pick the wallet from your pocket without your knowledge.

 Paris, France

Paris, France:

The busy streets, open cafes and restaurants, museums and subways are places where you need to be careful. Paris is the abode of some of the most artful pickpockets. Do not carry all your cash or cards needlessly. Keep them safe inside your hotel room.


Pick pocketing is one of the most common crimes around the world. Many travelers become the victims of this crime annually. You must be cautious and careful while traveling alone and never let your mind wander.

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