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Reasons why Colombia could be your next best holiday destination

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The Colombian economy is heavily dependent on its tourism industry. In the past few years, Colombia has become one of the most famous tourist spots around the world. A lot of US citizens are choosing and preferring Colombia as their family holiday destination. Many adventurous, backpackers go to Colombia because accommodation, transportation and food are affordable. They do odd jobs on their journey to make money for the next part of the trip.


Colombia is the land of bizarre possibilities. There are many new things to see and do. You will never get bored at this South American country. The strange and mysterious Amazonian rainforests, lovely beaches and dazzling cities make Colombia the best place for your next holiday. It has been included in many famous lists of holiday destinations in the recent years. In the following, we have listed some of the best places in Colombian.



Cartagena is almost synonymous to Colombia and colonial culture. The lovely, colorful coastal city is often considered the most well preserved colonial city of the entire South America. The pristine yet boisterous beaches and nearby islands is great places for the sun and fun lovers. Roam through the narrow streets of Cartagena. Though it is an old city still many revelers found it to be a great place for partying. Cartagena is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The roads are covered with cobblestones and the colorful houses have large balconies full of bougainvillea trees.



This Colombian city is popular because of its lovely climate all year round. People call it ‘the city of eternal spring’ fondly. Due to the eyebrow rising activities of Pablo Escobar a few decades earlier, this city had become infamous. At present, it is one of the best-loved Colombian cities.  Charming and pretty during the day, Medellin has a thriving nightlife. If you visit this city during the early part of August then you will be able to take part in the famous flower festival.

 Good food and drinks

Good food and drinks:

The Colombians are definitely not famous for their cuisine. They are simple fun loving; hard working people who love to eat simple meals. If you are a fan of spicy food then you will find their food too bland for your taste buds. They have not mastered the art of garnishing or flavoring their food. They also do not use much spice. Some food items are very lovable and addictive like the arepas or corn tortillas with a poignant butter flavor. Patacones or fried plantains also taste great. The cooking style and food items change vary from one region to another. In the coastal areas, you will get fresh fish. Do try the fresh fruit juices or jugo available at Colombia. They also serve yummy cups of coffee produced locally to the guests.

 Ciudad Perdida

Ciudad Perdida:

The Lost city of Ciudad Perdida was discovered in the year 1973 by a group of grave robbers. It is an ancient ruined city, which was built during the 9th century and was hidden by the thick vegetation of this place. You will have to hike for five days to reach this place.

 Amazonian Forest

The Amazonian Forest:

Do not give a visit to the Amazonian rainforest a miss while in Colombia. Your journey will start from Leticia. Be ready to behold lovely animals such as pink dolphins and jaguars during your visit.


Colombia is a place of wonder. There unique culture and cuisine will make your visit more special. You may visit plenty of amazing places and make you travel memorable.

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