Securing Hospitality Jobs in the 21st Century


As the economy turns around, the hospitality industry is seeing a boom in travel. It’s not just domestic travelers making the rounds but also international jet-setters. As a result, hospitality jobs are hotter than ever. Finding your perfect niche, however, requires some key skills that translate across countries.


Bilingual Still Valuable


Conversing in Spanish and English is still a highly sought-after skill, but don’t limit yourself. As the globe seems to shrink, more people from different countries are traveling with various dialects and languages. Japanese, French and even Hindi are all languages that employers desire to have among their employees. When a visitor needs help, fluent language is a stress-reliever for them as they can easily communicate their issues. The employer benefits, ensuring other people feel comfortable visiting with limited English skills.


Cultural Training


You may have learned a language, but understanding the culture is an entirely different story. Attending a cultural sensitivity class is a perfect way to introduce yourself to proper body language. A particular hand gesture in one country could be completely offensive in another. If you have a potential employer that has specific clientele, such as Indians, you can become a veritable expert on that country’s culture to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere each time they visit.


Above and Beyond


Travelers aren’t impressed with basic hospitality services anymore, making it crucial for you to perform above and beyond expectations. To remain successful in the hospitality industry, offer your services with a genuine smile. Provide important information without waiting for a question from the traveler. It’s your job to make them feel at home and comfortable. Go over all new amenities, including Wi-Fi passwords and special door locks. Weary travelers want all the main points covered without much effort on their part, but don’t overwhelm them with excessive information.


Not an Average Job 


Hospitality isn’t just about housekeeping and front desk coverage. Many positions are opening up for in-house conferences and event planning. Hotels and resorts with meeting areas are seeing the benefits of having gatherings for business or pleasure. Hospitality experts must be able to juggle planning and conversation to make the employer look well-organized. As more companies look for global opportunities, there will only be more hotel meetings to give workers a chance to collaborate and meet.


Networking with the Best 


If event planning isn’t your strong suit, hospitality jobs are still open in other areas meant to improve your networking contacts. When you have a flair for mixing drinks, try a bartending position. You’ll meet nearly every visitor when they move through the bar in the evening. Smooth over any concerns about staying at the hotel while talking about their business and interests. You’ll improve your career outlook while performing a crucial task for the hotel. Clients will be incredibly truthful about their stay when they talk directly with the bartender.


The hospitality industry encompasses a wide variety of employers, including Mohonk resort, creating employment opportunities in nearly every town. Consider your skills and refine them for a desired employer. Show off these skills during an interview to stand out from other applicants. Once your foot is in the hospitality door, you’re introduced to a host of new opportunities.


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