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Six cities you should explore on a bike

When you’re visiting a new city, you want to feel its culture and nuances. Staying inside an open-air bus tour or car will not give you this experience. However, by riding a bike and exploring its neighborhoods, you can easily have a greater understanding of its dynamics. Additionally, biking is cheap, and you also get to exercise while you delve into a city.

For those willing to have an urban outdoor adventure, discover the following six cities you should explore on a bike.

Portland, Oregon

Portland has the highest number of bikers per capita in the United States. With more than 300 miles of bike lanes, the possibilities are endless. You can bike along the Eastbank Esplanade, which runs by the Willamette River, and enjoy the view of the city or go into Forest Park to do some mountain biking.

Tucson, Arizona

Don’t let the arid desert stop you from having a ride along the 700-mile-long bike lanes Tucson has to offer. Inside the city, you can cross the impressive Rattlesnake Bridge, which makes a rattling sound, or visit the sinister Bike Church, a monument for bikers. The outskirts provide incredible mountain bike trails where you can ride through tall, spiky cacti.

Austin, Texas

Have you ever heard of a bike zoo? Austin has one and it’s a crazy mix of animals and bicycles. This zoo has hand-built creatures, including an 80-foot rattlesnake, and you can ride them. If you’re visiting Austin, don’t bother taking your own bike as you can use a bike-sharing program in the city, where you can rent a bike for a short time. All you need is a mobile app to unlock the bikes and start riding.

San Diego, California

If what you’re looking for is sun, sea, and sand, then San Diego won’t disappoint. Even better, the city has an extensive bike-sharing program with 1,800 bikes available. You can check out the surfers and the tanned beautiful bodies at the beachfront, or veer into Balboa Park, the largest urban cultural park in the United States, and visit the San Diego Zoo.

Washington, District of Columbia

If the thought of visiting the capital of the United States brings images of horrible traffic jams and stressed people, then fear not. While the traffic situation may be true, you won’t see any of those problems when you ride your bike around the city, visiting the Smithsonian museums or the Lincoln Memorial. If you’re into mountain biking, you can bike along the C&O Canal Trail, which runs along the Potomac River.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the perfect place to visit if you’re a beginner or if you’d like an easy ride around the city. Since the area is flat, you won’t even break a sweat when you cross from one point to another. Before you reach your destination, make sure to cross the Stone Arch Bridge, reserved only for bikers and pedestrians.


If you have a passion for two-wheeled adventures, you now have a healthy choice of bike-friendly cities to visit and explore to your heart’s content. Whether you like an urban setting, a barren desert, or green parks, you’ll find a destination waiting for you.

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