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Great Weekend Getaway

The Great Weekend Getaway: Your Key Considerations

by Dr Prem Community Writer

It would be fair to say that the so-called great weekend getaway has been held on ice for the past year or so. It was once something that millions of Brits engaged in each and every year – only for the recent conditions of the pandemic to put the brakes our well-laid plans. With any luck, a slow return to normality won’t be too far away for us. As we all know, the best holidays are those that are planned meticulously – and this is even more important in a post-Covid world.

Bearing this in mind, today’s article will take a look at some of the key things to think about if you are prepping for a weekend getaway at some point over this coming year. To put a positive spin on proceedings, we’ve tried not to talk about the C-world that has cancelled most of our plans over recent times!

First and foremost, does it need to be London?

UK weekend getawayWhenever anybody moots around the idea of a UK weekend getaway, London usually follows in the next breath. In some regards, it’s of no surprise; this is one of the best cities for tourism in the world and should always be considered.

However, England is such a beautiful and diverse country. You would really be doing yourself a disservice to not consider the fact that there are plenty of exciting alternatives. The last year has perhaps opened our eyes to the great British countryside, and there are plenty of places to consider visiting. Or, if a city break is still your thing, consider the likes of Birmingham, Manchester or even Bath (yes, it is a city). They are all vastly different to London, but you’ll still get that good, urban feeling. 

Always consider the rush hour

When we plan a trip abroad, hours upon hours are used to plan for unforeseen circumstances. After all, the airports require us to arrive several hours before our flight, and we usually plan a little extra time in ‘just in case’.When it comes to domestic travel, such buffer zones tend to be ignored. We’re happy to keep our annual leave and hope for the best when it comes to traveling to our destination of choice.

Well, in standard rush hour times, this is asking for trouble. Rush hour in some areas is as bad as it gets, and it can make that initially short weekend getaway even shorter. Make sure you plan to avoid the R-time, or at least factor in some contingency hours. 

What about a rainy day?

its a rainy dayWe couldn’t pen a British weekend getaway article without a classic reference to the weather, could we?

Unfortunately, as much as many of us believe it to be something of a cliché, you do have to make provisions for the weather. Even in summer, it’s not uncommon for washout to occur – and put an end to any outdoor activities you had planned. Make sure you have packed the latest essentials if you are heading to the countryside.

Particularly if you have chosen a more rural location for your getaway, at least have a list of nearby activities that you can turn to if the weather performs its famous British party trick! You can use a resource like the Visit Britain website to help you find suitable places in the area you are planning on visiting.

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