The Top 5 Most Expensive Desserts In the World


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this is your list. These are also great for Valentine’s Day, engagement proposals, or getting out of the doghouse!

Wallets, beware.

And in case you are wondering – yes, gold leaf is edible. What, you’ve never had gold leaf on your dessert before?

The World’s 5 Most Expensive Desserts
(All prices listed are in USD, as of Jan 2008) Serendipity3

55) Golden Opulence Sundae
Restaurant: Serendipity 3 Café, New York City
Damage: $1000

As the most expensive sundae today according to Guiness World Records, this Golden Opulence Sundae is no longer Serendipity Café’s most expensive dessert. A big hit with celebrities and Manhattan‘s elite, the sundae consists of 5 scoops of Tahitian ice cream that has been infused in Madagascar vanilla and rolled in 23-carat edible gold leaf. It is drizzled with expensive bittersweet chocolate, gold-plated dragets, truffles, and eaten with an 18k golden spoon. Set on the top is a smaller glass bowl of sweetened caviar that has been infused with passion fruit, orange and Armagnac liqueur.

44) The Sultan’s Golden Cake
Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul
Damage: $1000

This hotel in Istanbul has been consistently voted as one of the best in world travel by Conde Nast Traveller, one of the world’s leading travel magazines. This cake is truly made for royalty, in that it is essentially a brick layered with edible gold. With a 72 hour preparation time, this extravagant dessert is infused with fruits like apricot, pears, and figs that have been marinating in Jamaican rum for two years. It also includes caramelized black truffles, and is presented in a silver cake box with a golden seal.


3) The Brownie Extraordinaire
: Brulée at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Damage: $1000 on its own or $15,000 with Valentine’s proposal and wedding package

Tied with the Golden Opulence Sundae and the Sultan’s Golden Cake for 3rd place, this dark chocolate Brownie Extraordinaire is decorated with Italian hazelnuts and ice cream. What makes it exceptionally unique is the St. Louis crystal atomizer used for a rare 1996 Quinta do Noval Nacional port dessert wine that is to be sprayed into your mouth before each bite of your brownie. The crystal atomizer, originally meant to spray perfume, has a value of $750 and is your take-home souvenir from the New Jersey Tropicana Resort and Casino.


Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

2) The Fortress
Wine3 at The Fortress; Galle, Sri Lanka
Damage: $14,500

In September 2007, the Fortress resort in Galle, Sri Lanka brought the world of desserts to a new level. The dessert is decorated with a chocolate carving of a fisherman clinging to a stilt. It is made of a gold leaf Italian cassata flavoured with Irish cream, served with a mango and pomegranate compote, a champagne sabayon enlighten – and it is topped off with an 80-carat aquamarine gem that sits on the fisherman’s stilt – which is yours to take home.

11) The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate
Serendipity 3 Café, New York City
Damage: $25,000

4 years after unveiling the now 4th most expensive dessert, Serendipity 3 Café in New York City came up with another over the top dessert in November 2007 – a more expensive version of its popular Frrozen Hot Chocolate. It is infused with 5 grams of edible 23-karat gold, served in a goblet that is lined with edible gold. At the base of the goblet there is an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 carat of white diamonds. It is made of a blend of 28 of the most rare and expensive cocoa in the world.

The sundae is topped off with whipped cream and then covered with more gold. On the side, Knipschildt Chocolatier’s La Madeline au Truffle is added. La Madeline au Truffle is usually sold at $2,600 for 1 pound and is recognized as the most expensive chocolate in the world. Even if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth – that won’t be good enough for this dessert. It is to be eaten with a take-home keepsake gold spoon that has been decorated with white and chocolate-coloured diamonds. Serendipity Cafe 3 has now reopened since a three week closure in November 2007. 

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