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Things to do in Getty Center for kids in Los Angeles

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Young minds always need to be developing with creativity and fun. It is learning age whether through playing or education. Getty Center is a museum for children located in Los Angeles. It was opened in December of 1997 was built on the idea for the preservation of the culture and appreciated by the audiences who visit the museum.Getty Museum Hosts Vast Collection Of Art And Antiquities

The museum comprises of various collections of the art and has vast photography collection, which include 19th century and 20th century American and European images. Therefore, if your kids are interested in history and enjoy walking in gardens then this is the perfect place to make your children learn about things. There are many that you and your children can enjoy in the museum. Here is a list of things that your kids can do.

Family room

Lying just next to the plaza to the east pavilion is the family room. This part of the center provides kids with several materials to decorate and illuminate their creativity through manuscripts, go on a treasure hunt, and build tube sculpture, which makes it the most interactive part of the museum. 70 peepholes in the walls that offer a view of the art housed in various parts of the museum.



A computer operated tram is designed for the children to start their journey to the hill. The tram consists of clean and well-managed cars that provide fabulous views. There is also a pedestrian pathway from where you can reach through a mile walk in case if you find the line for the tram is long.

Photographs center

To the west pavilion of plaza lies the center for photographs. It consists of a wide range from historic to iconic and the museum archivist to set the recent art and transform into books with style. Currently great works by Kansuke Yamamoto, Ed Ruscha and Hiroshi Hamaya are included among various displays. By giving a view of this art, it is the best way to expose children to various art styles. Ruscha’s photography focuses on various location and buildings in Los Angeles.

Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden

As soon as you exit from the west pavilion, next is the cactus garden located at the border of the museum grounds and lies between the western and south pavilion. Designed by Richard Meier, it is a great work for the kids to observe and learn. The garden consists of a collection of prickly flora and offers great views of Los Angeles.

Van Gogh’s Irises

Van Gogh’s Irises lies on the second floor of the west pavilion and is the one of the most famous work at the Getty. It is the most expensive work of art that has been ever purchased but the museum does not disclose the exact price. Van Gogh was a famous painter known for paintings about nature and representing the objects that are caught at a first glimpse.

Getty Center for kids

Lit a la Polonaise and Lit a la Turque

Lit a la Polonaise and Lit a la Turque are the two beds one blue and one pink in color and both are large in size. The blue colored bed Lit ala Polonaise matches the beds of the 18th century belonging to European host and hostesses. The Lit a La Turque reflects French fascination during 18th century.

Fan and Ray Stark sculpture garden

The fan and ray sculpture garden lies about half way back to the central garden and consist of great collection of sculptures with five different bronze displays by Rene Magritte, Aristide Maillol, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.


Getty Center palace is a great place to take children to have good knowledge about art and explore their creativity.

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