Tips for a last-minute March Break getaway

This March Break – thanks to the economy – travelling and last-minute getaways have never been better for Canadian travellers, especially to Cuba (Varadero, Havana), Mexico (Cancun and Puerto Vallarta), the Dominican Republic, Florida and Las Vegas. 

Great deals can be found departing from many Canadian destinations, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal for less than $1000 for all-inclusive holidays from some of these great travel providers.  Read on for more!

Tips on how to get a great last-minute March Break getaway

Check out these great ideas and tips on how to find and book a great last minute getaway this March Break!  For those staying home, be sure to check out 10 Ways to Explore the World this March Break – from Home.

  1. Hotel DealsWhere to get last minute deals: You can find a number of amazing last-minute deals on our Trip Deals section as well as hotel deals in our Hotel Deals section.  Many of these packages come from travel providers like iTravel2000, Signature Vacations, Sunquest Vacations and Air Transat.
  2. Multiple-night specials.  This season, many hotels and ski resorts are offering specials for those staying multiple nights.  For example, if you book 2 nights of admission for a family getaway in Ottawa, you’ll get the 3rd night for half price.
  3. Mid-week travel: Since it’s March Break in Canada, most students and families have all week to have fun and travel.  Mid-week travel (airfare, rooms, lift tickets for skiing, admission prices) is considerably cheaper than weekend travel, be sure to take advantage of the week off!
  4. Always compare prices! Even though you’re going for a last minute vacation, be sure to compare prices for your holiday.  Here’s a tip: compare how much it would cost if you packaged everything on your own (flights, meals, accommodations) with what an all-inclusive deal may be offering you.
  5. Be flexible: The fun thing about last-minute getaways is that you’re stepping out on a limb, excited and feeling adventurous!  For even more excitement, be flexible on your destination – if you’re looking for somewhere sunny and warm, there are tons of choices – why stick with Cuba when Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Barbados and Mexico are also great possibilities? 
  6. Build a dream trip! Be sure to check out’s Trip Builder, where you can submit your preferred holiday or vacation details and then agents contact you with their offers and prices – perfect for last minute trips and getting the best deals possible! 

Great places to find travel deals for the rest of the winter

All prices are listed in CAD and include taxes + most fees.

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