Tips for travel-minded folks to starting their own Concierge Business

own Concierge Business

If you are considering starting a concierge business, you will need to prepare yourself for this major undertaking. Believe it or not, this is something that not everyone can achieve, because it requires so many different steps just to get the business off the ground. However, with the proper research, tools and preparation, you will be well on your way to owning and operating a concierge business. Below, you will discover several tips for starting a concierge business.

Recognize The Legalities


Just like any other type of business, a concierge business is overseen by government entities that establish rules for the startup and operational processes. These regulations are extremely important, so you should do whatever is necessary to become familiar with them. One of the first things you will need to know about a concierge business is what type of license is required. Most city, state and federal governments require concierge business owners to obtain a license prior to providing service to the public.

You will also need to know what type of insurance is required for a concierge business. Of course, you will need personal liability and business insurance, along with full coverage insurance for the entire fleet of vehicles utilized in the business.

Finding A Low-Competitive Location 

Once you get your business up and running, you will be able to advertise your services through various sources, such as Solve and other search websites. In the meantime, you need to stay focused on getting your business off the ground. One major important factor that will play a huge role in the success of your business is the level of competition you will face. If you are not set on a location, you should start looking for one that offers low competition in concierge services. However, you should avoid rural areas and focus your interests more on metropolis and cities, where there are a lot of motels and an airport.

You would be surprised with how many travelers seek concierge services. So, a business in the vicinity of tourist destinations, motels, airports, train stations and bus depots will be your best options for success.

Finding A Niche 

Not every concierge service provider offers transportation to only airports and motels. In fact, many of these companies will operate on a totally different niche such as shopping services and pet care services. Older people, especially senior citizens will utilize these services because many of them no longer drive. The key to success in such a competitive industry thus depends on the niche and location.

Create A Business Plan

  Business Plan

Creating a business plan is key to getting a business off the ground and surviving in today’s economy. You will need to devise the business plan prior to applying for a business loan, seeking investors and finding a partner. You will never be able to convince someone to invest in your business idea, if you do not have it down in writing. Hiring a professional for this step of the process will be in your best interest, since this is probably your first time starting a business.

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