Top five adventurous pistes of the Squaw Valley

The Squaw Valley in California is extremely famous for its magnificent slopes and it was the host site of the winter Olympics 1960. The place attracts skiers from all over and boasts exigent slopes for well-trained and expert skiers. There are also places such as the High Camp that would be best for beginners. Apart from the most visited KT-22, that has some of the steepest and straightest runs, there are many other sites for you to visit. You should always make yourself familiar with the trails before beginning. This article features some of the most advanced runs of the Valley. Have a look…


The Funnel: This funnel shaped bowl lies above the Shirley Bowl. The extremely thin notch, which is wider during heavy winters, is extremely mesmerizing so much so that it takes your breath away during the first few turns. This is more special when you begin skiing towards the funnel’s left.

Chair: It would be good for you to exit right, if possible, or else make your exit from the left and move immediately under the chair.

Easier way: The Emigrant Face is comparatively easier as it will take you back to the Emigrant chair. The other option is the backside that leads towards Granite Chief-Attic, which goes to the Shirley Lake Express.

Tower 16

Tower 16: This spot, which was once a hidden secret and unknown to the visitors, is now officially named and printed, and attracts a host of people that come in large numbers here during the spring season. The region has good snow even in this season and hence it is a centre of attraction for the visitors and tourists.

Chair: Broken arrow is quite easy, you have to take a right exit. You are likely to catch some moguls if you further travel to the skier’s right rather than the hordes.

Easier way: Malibu or Land bridge that leads you to Silverado is an easier option.

Horse Trails

Horse Trails: The Horse Trail is a collective term given to the steep slopes with a fabulous snow cover and is located off the Cornice Ridge. There are also numerous other good lines to the left of the main landscape worth travelling.

Chair: You can exit towards the left and ski downwards to find road to the ridge of Cornice II or can even take Headwall Express.

Easier Way: You can a have an easy trail to the Bullet by going a little ahead downwards.

Enchanted Forest of KT-22

The Enchanted Forest of KT-22: This run is less popular amongst the visitors as compared to other trails and so does not have too much crowd. You can have a fun filled experience over a number of rolling and turning terrains of the KT-22. This famous chair boasts some of the steepest peaks of the Squaw Valley. It is located between the Saddle and Bullet but the forest is not marked on the map. You can have a wonderful view of the cliffs and vertices and advanced run offs that surround the place.

Chair: KT-22 is easy to access by exiting right and downwards towards the Saddle. Easier trails can be found to the skier’s left.

Easier way: Go through the Saddle.

Granite Glades

Granite Glades: You can enjoy off-piste skiing by skiing over the trees by going to the left of the Granite Chief chair. You can see the improper runs of snow left out after stormy season and people racing to ski on the finished tracks.

Chair: You can choose the Granite Chief by exiting toward the right and heading to Hidden Bowl. If you are going left, you should quickly look for a way going right down under the chair.

Easier way: You can have an easy trail by exiting toward the left that will lead you to either the High Voltage or Main Backside.


Here are some advanced laces that will provide you a spectacular view of the best trails in the Squaw Valley. All you need to do is to understand the Valley’s easy, difficult and expert ski area, each with a particular and different level of difficulties.

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