Touring France for the elixir that is wine

French wines are the best wines in the world and every wine lover must satisfy their taste buds from delicious French wines. This is a paradise for food and wine lovers as they can explore number of vineyards and can taste different award winning wines of the country.

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France is a great summer escape where you can explore different wine farms and can get a chance to meet wine experts. France houses number of wineries and wine countries and some of them are:


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Bordeaux wine region offers great opportunity to wine lovers to explore the beautiful wine land. Visitors can discover lush vineyards spared over 120,000 hectares, which makes it the largest wine growing area in the country. It is an amazing place for nature lovers as they can explore the natural beauty of the place and can enjoy best French wines. Tourists can visit different wineries and can participate in the crushing process of the grapes. The destination is idle for cycle ride in the vineyards.


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Champagne is renowned for its sparkling white wine that gets its name from the region. Visitors can expand their knowledge about wine and can understand better how to combine different types of wines with different tastes and food. Lucky tourists can get a chance to meet experts who can share their experiences with tourists. Visitors can explore lush vineyards or wineries and can taste wines in the taste rooms. They can participate in crushing of grapes. Visitors can participate in wine festivals and can buy different wines.


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This beautiful wine region is situated on the lower eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains. Alsace wine region is quite different from other French wine regions. People of the region produce wines mostly from very fruity grapes. The region is known for its white wines, which is a part of French culture.



Vineyards of Burgundy region cover a narrow strip of land on the eastern slopes of the mountains. Capital and the heart of the Burgundy is Dijon, which is the fastest growing wine region. The region is known for its vintage wines.


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It is the southern region of the Gironde located North West of Bordeaux. Medoc is a home to many of the most prestigious French wines. Various wineries located in the region offer special guides tours to their guests. Visitors can spend quality time with their partner and can try various award winning wines.


France is a great wine tourism destination for wine lovers. It house number of wine fields and wineries, which offer special wine tour packages to their guests.

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