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Whale, Polar Bear, Seal and WalrusMaybe Freud was right when he was came up with the idea of phallic obsessions – at least for the minds that created and came up with the idea for the Icelandic Phallological Museum – that’s right, the Iceland Penis Museum.

The museum is located in Husavik in Northern Iceland, a small town also known for its popular whale watching tourism industry: Whale Whatching in Husavik, Northern Iceland .

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

The museum was founded in 1974 by Sigurður Hjartarson, a former history teacher at a school in Reykjavík.

The museum houses a collection of all phallic specimens belonging to the various types of mammals found in Iceland. There are currently approximately 250 penises and penile parts from 90 various species and almost all the land and sea mammals found in Iceland – even some that have become extinct. The specimens have been embalmed or dried and are displayed for museum patrons and interested visitors to see.

A few of these mammal penises include: 52 whale penises, 1 polar bear penis, 31 seal and walruses and etc. Visitors can view a 1.7 meter tall penis from a sperm whale or a hamster penis of 2mm.

Four penises from four human men have been donated and legally certified to be given to the museum upon their deaths. Other penises are also displayed, including those not from Iceland. There are also penises of folklore characters that are also exhibited, including elves, trolls, sea monsters and more.

Finally, besides the many phallic specimens, there is some artwork that is penis-themed being displayed in the museum.

The museum is open from May 20 to Sept 10 every year but appointments can be made for groups at other times.

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