World’s best cultured cities you should consider planning a trip to 


Tourists are not so much turned on by other alluring features of a destination as they are by its cultural attractions reports a survey. Impressive and iconic structures carrying an epic design splendor, mind blowing galleries and museums, rich history, music and folk art and masterpiece portraits done across canvasses conjure up a tasteful scenario which serves as the prime indicators of a city groomed to a great culture. 

Here we go with few of the best-cultured cities scattered throughout the globe, leading much ahead of other countries in art, culture and literary excellence:

  1. London:


The capital city of UK is the epitome of culture and naturally, hits the top in the list of cultured cities. Sites like Baker’s street and Keats’ house in Hampstead are dream destinations for the literary minded people. For the symphony buffs and theatre lovers, there cannot be a better place than London Symphony orchestra at the Barbican and the English National Opera.

Brixton Academy, the O2 Arena and the Earls’ court offer an unmatched feast to the eyes and the finer senses with their display of brilliant works of art. Among the countless art galleries and museums, The British museum, Tate Britain, Royal Academy and Saatchi gallery draw thick crowds taking interest in cultural values of a place.

  1. Rome:


When you talk about culture, you cannot miss Rome, the cultural seat of Renaissance period. The classical ruins and masterpieces created by legendary Michelangelo, Bernini and Borromini continue to draw the admiration of global travelers. The palazzos, piazzas, churches and fountains all bear the testimony of a rich European culture that gained worldwide praise and recognition.

  1. Paris:


And who can forget Paris, the ultimate destination for the art, culture and beauty lovers? A land donned by countless artists with their masterpieces redefining the artistic sense and taste taking it to the finest level; a culture in vogue even today.

Their works preserved in Louvre and Musee d’Orday speak a lot about their imagination and creativity, which still haunts the modern age artists. It is also a city of writers, as it groomed Maupassant, Proust, Baudelaire and Falubert. There is more to explore, the pulsating jazz clubs, the famous Palais Garnier Opera House and obviously the haute cuisine.

  1. Kyoto, Japan:


The erstwhile capital of Japan is well known for its museums and cultural sites. About 1/5th of Japan’s prominent cultural magnificence and national treasures are assembled here. The main attraction is the Historic Monuments declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These comprise of 17 incredible structures of Shinto Shrines, Zen Buddhist Temples, Nijo Castle and other palaces each reflecting a cultural facet of Japan.

  1. Angkor Vat, Cambodia:

Angkor Vat

This temple complex, the largest religious monument in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was constructed in the 12th century and it still stands proudly bearing the cultural heritage of Khmer Empire. Originally, built as a Hindu temple housing Lord Vishnu, it was transformed into a Buddhist temple by the end of the century. It would be surprising to note that the main tourist puller of Cambodia is this temple and not the diverse landscape of the country.

  1. Varanasi:


This North Indian city, one of the ancient cities in the world inhabited since 1100 BC, is of great cultural significance. It is not just the ancient civilization that has made Varanasi a glowing spot on the tourist map, but it is the spiritual seat of India as well. It is a place where Hinduism and Buddhism had blended into a powerful entity achieving a status of religious capital. Varanasi is an important site for Hindu pilgrimage.

Dying here is considered holy. The dead are believed to enter heaven for sure bypassing the hell. Even today, many choose to spend their last days of life on this land renouncing their worldly ties. Rites and rituals carried on this pilgrimage site speak volumes of a strong culture and are marveled by the global tourists.

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