10- Best Vegan and Vegetarian Pubs in London

10- Best Vegan and Vegetarian Pubs in London

Vegan bars and pubs have gone viral in the UK.  Thousands of Brits are dining in London’s authentic meat-free restaurants to maintain good health. Vegan diets keep you trim and they are healthy for your overall system not to mention alone of cardiac health.

Lesser meat reduces adverse impact on the environment. Before a lamb reaches your plate it consumes a substantial quantity of natural resources like water and grass and releases greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. Going vegan can dispense with these ecosystem evils.

It is heartening to note both the Londoners and restaurants have realized the sensibility of going vegan. If vegan, you need to be careful even ordering your beer as strictly speaking they are not entirely plant-based.Moreover, eco-friendly straws would be like a cherry on top. Innovation rules in vegetarian pubs in London. Here we go with some well known meat-free and dairy-free eateries in the city of ‘ Big Smoke’.

10 – Best vegan and vegetarian pubs in London

1. The Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle is like any other great rooftop restaurant. The fact that it’s vegan gives it the one big edge. Located in224 Homerton High Street, this is the first London pub to serve entirely plant-based food. Not only the cuisine suits a vegan clientele like no other, furniture and tasteful decor have a say in its immense customer popularity.

The owners MerielArmitage and Luke Mc Laughlin have brought about a revolutionary change in the booze scenario in East London. The pub is a highly coveted eating and drinking joint for customers irrespective of whether they are vegans or non-vegans.

2. Coach and Horses

It was a landmark decision by the famous Soho boozer to set up the first vegetarian pub to be located at 29 Greek Street, Soho.Among the famous Soho personalities, Francis Bacon and Jeffrey Bernard were noted patrons.

The menu is served upstairs and includes a delicious assortment of veggie pub diet, vegan chocolate mousse, tofus and chips. It is a favorite haunt for central Londoners with a strong inclination to visiting vegan-friendly Pubs in London.

3. Green Note

Among the vegetarian Pubs in London, Green Note located at 106 Parkway, Camden Town is more of a melody soapbox than a bar. Famous for vegan beers, wines and cocktails served out from a well-decorated bar, this is one of the most remarkable vegan bars in the city.

In accompaniment to drinks comes handmade vegan snacks and live performance of the musical bands. Musical performance is a regular feature making this joint a must visit for vegan food and music lovers.

4. Draft House

This is one of the most branched out vegan friendly Pubs in London. There are currently 12 in total with the addition of a new outlet opened in Farrington past December. Both the food and booze are awesome and 100 % derived from plant sources.  They are very committed when comes to beers and ensure they do not disappoint a vegan client.

Some of the delicacies are five bean chili, halloumi fingers and a Korean Seitan and slaw burger. This is also one of the most talked about vegetarian Pubs in London with a sumptuous offer of delicious jalapenos, mac n cheese balls and a whole lot more. Ideally matched with cold beer the snack melts in the palate.

5. Black Smith and the Toffee maker, Clerkenwell

Located in St. John Street, this pub converted into vegan joint last January is seeing a huge vegan crowd like never before.  Among top vegan hits Tofish,KimchiBahn mi, Alootikka burger and Chuna melt (here chickpeas replace Tuna).

You will miss one of the best vegetarian Pubs in London unless you take a break in Black Smith.  Pub quizzes organized on Mondays are an added surprise bonus.  For a donation to Trussell Trust Food Bank, you earn a 2 for 1 food offer.

6. The Long Arm, Shoreditch

This pub has carved a niche among the famous vegetarian Pubs in London.  Not only their craft beers are legendary, they have always something worth offering from their cellars for a vegan. In addition to terrific tasting vegan grubs, they have live sports, Happy Deal and a Pool table to keep its clients rushing in. Vegan burgers, nuggets, Kentucky fried cauliflower plus wings and cheese burgers that are absolute lip smackers!

7. Fuller’s Kitchen

Known for a vast array of vegan cuisine this joint is another most visited vegetarian Pub in London. Burgers, salads and evening platters, you name it, they will serve it. Among super hits: pulled jackfruit tacos, Genoa pancake with spring vegetables, courgette and pine nut pesto, Kentucky fried seitan burger packed with vegan slaw, the list is endless.

Well there is more to the count! Sides, dips and a pudding treat together with vegan caramelized mango crumble, almond Anglaise and creamed coconut rice, banana and coconuts.  Desserts are super and they do not add to your calorie count.

8. Kalifornia Kitchen

Located at 19 Pery Street, Bloomsbury, this is one of the most glamorous and colorful among vegetarian Pubs in London. A fabulous pink restaurant with tacos cooked in heaven is an instant crowd puller. And watch all of it purely derived from the plant.

Started by Loui Blake, the food philosophy over here is built with a firm conviction in the untapped potential of plant kingdom and its priceless contribution to human health.  They work up novel dishes with the goodness of plants going in and keeping a steady vegan clientele pouring in and out gratification written all over the smiling faces.

9. Filth

This joint, the brainchild of Gizzi Erskine and Rosemary Ferguson is situated at 13 Bethnal Green Road, Hackney. Supplies are procured from committed and dedicated individual vendors and local farmers.

Packaging process doesn’t harm the environment. Cocktails are super and burgers are insanely good to be counted among the top vegan bars in the city. Among celebrity customers, you can count David Beckham to be a frequent visitor.

10. By Chloe

This is another remarkable vegan Pubs in London that has a chain scattered across the city that has more interesting features than a meat-free menu.  This award- winning first casual restaurant set up in the Covent Garden offers a food range from burgers, sandwiches, fresh pastas,baked sweets, dairy free ice cream and Mac n cheese to name only a few.

11. The Mitre, Richmond

The Mitre, one of the best Richmond pubs, is not your run-of-the-mill pub. This British establishment has something special up their sleeves – vegan pizza that’s the best in London. For all the vegans out there craving a slice of heaven, this is the place to be. And if you’re a fan of live music, head over on Sundays and let your hair down while grooving to some awesome tunes. The cherry on top of this delightful experience? The beer garden where you can soak up the sun with a pint in hand. It’s hard to find a pub that ticks all the boxes, but The Mitre in Richmond manages to do so with ease.

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