Why Canadians should choose France as Their Next European Destination

Why Canadians should choose France as Their Next European Destination

Whether it is the first time they cross over the pond or they have done it many times before, France is always an attractive destination for Canadians. First, because a part of its population speaks the same language and second because French people consider them as their cousin from North America. It means that they always receive an especially friendly welcome from them. But that is just the start. In truth, France is a great destination because it offers everything Canadians may desire from tourism. Here is an overview of what they can expect.

France is a Great Cultural Destination

France has an exceptionally rich and varied cultural heritage, which includes world-renowned museums (The Louvres, The Musée d’Orsay,…), monuments, and historic buildings. You could spend months touring the cities of this country without ever seeing more than just a small number of the wonders that it has to offer in this perspective. That is because France has played a significant role in world history and has influenced European and global affairs for centuries. Therefore, there are many traces left behind for one to visit.

Of course, the fact that people from Quebec speak French and that their ancestors come from this country, is one of the most important cultural reasons that fully justify looking at flights from Montreal to Paris for many Canadians. They can understand their own heritage better, but also the large differences that exist between them both. In truth, it is often quite a revelation for French Canadians to visit l’Hexagone, as they realize that a larger part of their way of life comes from England. It only makes the discovery of France even more interesting to them.

A Pleasure to the Eyes but also for the Palate

Visiting France, from North to South, will completely change the view that a Canadian may have of this country, before he actually comes to visit. From Omaha Beach where the D-Day landings during World War II took place, to the famous Mont Saint-Michel and the Etretat Cliffs that drop dramatically into the sea that you find in Normandy, all the way to the Calanques stunning blue water and the Old Port of Marseille filled with the Southern accent and love of life, Canadians will discover a diversity of natural sites throughout the various France regions.

This visual diversity is also felt by the palate and the stomach as well. France certainly offers the one of the most complex cuisine in the world. It is able to create flavours that will please anyone’s taste buds. Again, the variety is so great from one location to the other that you will be able to change your menu entirely, as you travel from one city to another. From the fish soup and the famous seafood platters that you find in the south, to the fondue in the Alps and the boeuf bourguignon in Burgundy, you won’t be able to stop yourself from tasting all the food you will find, but also some of the greatest wines in the world.

All Canadians need to do is to get on one of the flights from Toronto to Paris to enjoy all this. They are bound to come back with a completely different view of France, and with a few souvenirs in their luggage, which will certainly include wine, and maybe an hermetically sealed jar of foie gras.

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