10 Ways of saving money on a family ski holiday

Ever in life we all definitely dream of hitting slopes but retain back due to its unaffordable cost. It is a true fact that holidays in hilly areas during winters are costly but there is nothing to fear. Here is a great guide to budget up your expense on a family ski holiday.

All from choosing the right resort to great accommodation options, at right prices is discussed here.

Cheapest way of planning a family ski holiday

  1. Finding out the cheapest flight: There is no benefit of securing your place in a ski school or plan up a ski trip unless you make a choice of affordable flights for your travel. Set a price alert for skyscanner and get free mails to let you know about the cheapest way in which you could take a flight and book them up in just a few minutes. Also you may check on a budget flight by going through the baggage policies of the airlines. It is never good to stuck on the airport due to heavy luggage which is beyond the policies of your airlines. There are many budgeted airlines like easyJet and Ryanair which could provide you cheap flights. If you compare their luggage fees with airlines like British airways, you could surely feel the difference.

  2. Choosing an alternative accommodation: The biggest expense you bear on a ski holiday is the accommodation. To save money, you should put off your dreamy luxurious rooms and start rated resorts. Instead of all this, you must book a hotel for yourself which will provide you a bed and breakfast.

  3. Avoid main resorts: In most of the big ski resorts of Europe, the price of food, drinks and accommodation rises as and when you get closer to the place of action. So in order to save money, head forward to some satellite resort that could give you access to the beautiful slopes at a better and reasonable price.

  4. Don’t go for anything new: If you are on the slopes for the very first time and you don’t have a ski gear of your own, don’t spend hundreds of Euros in purchasing a new set of fashionable and coloured skiing pants. Better to ask for that from your friends if anyone has and can borrow the same to you. If your luck doesn’t work, you may go to some charity shops in your city, or may head for cheapest deals on all ski gears and winter clothings. If you are planning to go in January or February, you could gain the advantage from the January winter clearance sale.

  5. Bringing packed lunch: You will surely save many Euros a day if you bring packed lunch items on the mountainside. Usually the restaurants located on the slopes do not serve a good quality cuisine but still charge a leg and arm as they could manage to capture a huge crowd of audience. So avoid spending over their wacky prices and buy some food items from your local stores or markets and enjoy your private picnic at the slopes far away from the crowds. You will surely get a peaceful meal and get the most spectacular views if you choose up the right spots.

  6. Get lessons for free: If you are going for the first time on snowboards and skis, it is very important to listen to the lessons, especially when you want to return home in an intact condition. But avoid paying for the expensive tuitions and sign up for such packages that include lessons for beginners absolutely free of cost. Also you can listen to your friends or family members who are more experienced than you.

  7. Opt for the lessons in afternoon: If you do not jump out of bed early at bright, you may be able to save a little money. Most of the morning lessons are expensive as the instructors charge high that time. In afternoon they charge less. Avoid the crowds at morning and pay less could be the best deal to you.

  8. Choosing the family ski holiday pass cautiously: Choosing a ski pass is a huge expense when you book for any winter holiday. It is necessary to consider some of the options before you place and order and get the best deal. The less number of days you are on the ski slopes, lesser will be the cost of pass. There are some baby slopes as well for the beginners in which you need not to pay while using it.

  9. Buying a seasonal pass on a budget: If you think of returning again and again during winters in the same resort. It is better to buy a seasonal pass. This will save a lot of your money. You will also get off on other amenities like clothing, foods and drinks on such pass.

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