15 strange places on planet Earth you can consider for your next vacation

Rhone and Arve river confluence, Geneva, Switzerland, HDR

Stunning destinations with baffling beauty across the globe may have made you feel awesome. But possibly, you are yet to see strange places on planet Earth that can make your jaws drop wider! Mother Nature has some best-kept surprises in these places. The sooner you explore them, the more enriching your travel kitty would be.

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15 strange places on planet Earth that are simply mind-blowing:

The Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico:

The Cancun Underwater Museum in MexicoImage Source :

Swimming underwater to explore a museum is not heard of, but it is nothing less than exciting! As you enter the Mexican Caribbean for this underwater museum exploration, you will find that it is one of the unique places to visit in the world. You will be stunned as you pass by the beautiful corals and underwater sculptures.

Hillier Lake, Western Australia:

Hillier Lake, Western Australia

Nature perhaps has accidentally spilled strawberry milkshake on Earth. You get this feeling while admiring the unnatural hue of the Hillier Lake. The scientific explanation for that goes that high salinity and the thriving red-pigmented algae in the water have contributed to this unique creation. It is not safe for swimming. To get the best view, take the helicopter ride instead of the cruise.

The Avanos Hair Museum Cappadocia:

Avanos Hair Museum CappadociaImage Source :

A museum, where hair constitutes the one and only collectible, sounds strange enough! For this reason, it can easily fit in one of the top 10 weirdest places on Earth.A collection of more than 16,000 hair locks of women is perhaps the most unusual thing to see. You can leave your lock of hair too if you desire so!

The Bubblegum Alley, California:

The Bubblegum Alley, CaliforniaImage Source :

Imagine an artwork with used bubble gums. However strange it may appear to be, Bubble gum alley is one of the prime tourist attractions in California. It is perhaps one of the unique places to visit in the world to see millions of used bubble gums sticking to the walls of the alley to create insanely beautiful graffiti.

Underwater Park, Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria:

Underwater-Park-Green-Lake-in-Tragoess-AustriaImage Source :

A lake getting drowned in winter – doesn’t it sound spooky? Yet, this emerald green lake is one of the strange places on planet Earth. The park surrounding the lake goes under the water in spring due to rising water level of the lake from the melting snow. A good relaxing place for the divers indeed.

The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine:

The Tunnel of Love, UkraineIt is a lovely section of the industrialized railway near Ukraine where the tunnel is covered by green leafy arches. Couples love to take walks through the tunnel. Truly, one of the strangest, yet one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The Silfra Rift, Iceland:

The-Silfra-Rift-Iceland.What an amazing experience to be in another strange place on planet Earth watching the separation of tectonic plates of two continents North America and Eurasian Plates!

Cano Cristales, Columbia:

CAÑO CRISTALESWatch how this Columbian river turns red during summer. The unique plant species, spread all over the river bed, is responsible for this bright hue – making it one of the strangest places on Earth.

BloodFalls, Antarctica:

BloodFalls, Antarctica

Image Source :

Amidst the vast sheet of snow, the red colored waterfalls named Blood Falls, certainly occupies one of the top 10 weird places on Earth. Although the name is scary, Blood Falls has no blood involved. Rather, the red hue is the result of a high concentration of iron ore. The description compels you to visit this place, doesn’t it?

Where Rhone and Arve meet, Switzerland:

Rhone and Arve river confluence, Geneva, Switzerland, HDR

The strange color deviation at the confluence of Rhone and Arve rivers will leave you spellbound. How strange nature could be in creating the demarcation of blue and brown colored waters at the confluence without letting them mix together? The mystery lies in the difference in their densities.

Marble’s Cave, Chile:

Marble’s-Cave-ChileThe weathering of calcium carbonate for 6000 years has created wonderful patterns in the marble cavern at this place. The blue images on the cave walls are created by glacial waters of Lake General Carrera. They change in intensity throughout the year generates attractive patterns. This weird place is accessible only by ferries.

Darwaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan:

Darwaza Gas Crater, TurkmenistanImage Source :

Darwaza Gas Crater, the gigantic fire pit, is the world’s gateway to hell. Well, it does not have any connotation with the other world. It is just an experimental failure of geologists who tried to prevent the spread of methane by lighting up the natural gas in the crater.

Waitomo, Glowworm Caves, New Zealand:

Waitomo-Glowworm-Caves-New-ZealandThe name itself portrays a glowworm infested cavern creating a weird illumination. But Waitomo Caves is one of the strange places on planet Earth for its bioluminescent fungus gnats endemic to this country. No sticky glowworm will irritate you, but a surreal world of lighting would leave you in awe.

ZhangyeDanxia, China:


Mother Nature’s artistic touch perhaps manifested best in the colorful landforms in this province of China. The landforms with life-size abstract painting have evolved through continuous weathering of rocks, enriched with iron oxide and other minerals, generating magnificent stains of red, blue, green, and yellow.

Crooked Forest, Poland:


How can a crooked forest grow in Poland where straight tree trunks dominate the woods of this country? No scientific explanation can be provided to the growth of 400 crooked pine trees with 90° bend at the base. Surprisingly, this is surrounded by a larger forest of straight pine trees!

Before you go

Earth is an amazing planet and it keeps on surprising us, its inhabitants, with amazing landscapes and remote places that have some sort of bewitching capacity. There is no end to nature’s powers, which keep astonishing us with some of the most unusual and stunning places around us.  These places are unique and different in some way or the other from various other places across the world. It is not possible for everyone to travel everywhere, but you can surely know about these places by going through this article. In the following, we have listed some of the most amazing and unusual places on earth which you must visit.

Pamukkale Turkey:

Pamukkale basinsOne glance at the Pamukkale will make you wonder if you have been transported to the land of clouds. The reason behind the whiteness of this unusual landscape is the density of calcite in this region. Aptly called the white castle, this region is rich in mineral forests, white terraces, and petrified waterfalls. The travertine deposits are responsible for these weirdly gorgeous structures. There is a volcano beneath this landscape, which has created 17 hot springs. For several ages, people have come to bathe in this natural healing spa in Turkey. The Romans had established an entire city near the Pamukkale named Hierapolis too take advantage of the natural spa.

Spotted Lake of Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada:

Spotted Lake of Osyoos, British Columbia, CanadaThere was a time when the First Nations of Indians considered the Spotted Lake of Osoyoos valley sacred. The name Osoyoos is related to the very unusual surface landscape of the lake. The literal meaning of this word is “narrowing water”. Water from this lake does not flow out and it does not connect with any other lake or water body. It is Endorheic Lake with saline water. The intensity of compounds like magnesium, calcium and sodium sulfates caused the weird colorful spots on this lake. In summers, the water of the lake evaporates easily and the density of different minerals increases to create white, yellow, blue and green spots on the surface.

Sanqingshan, China:

Sanqingshan, ChinaMany consider the Sanqinshan sacred and it is the place of meditation for the Taoists for ages. People believe that meditation at this place can lead one towards immortality and spiritual happiness. The landscape remains covered with dense mist for 200 days each year. The shape of pine trees and mountains are not only odd but also awe-inspiring. The mist makes the strange landscape look stranger and more mysterious. Different sorts of rare bird and animal species inhabit this area. Around a thousand different streams are flowing through it and there are numerous small pools.

Fly Geyser Reno, Nevada:

article-2363926-1AD1D71B000005DC-535_964x934The Fly Geyser Reno was created by a sheer accident when some workers were drilling in the area for getting water. The geothermal condition of the area was unknown. The hot water from inside the earth’s crust came outside by pushing a weak area upward. Minerals started forming terraces of different colors and eventually the 5ft tall volcano was formed. Two other geysers formed nearby and turned this place into a world of magical beauty.

Cano Cristales, Columbia:

Cano Cristales, ColumbiaIf you travel to the Serrania de la Macarena Mountains then make sure to visit the Cano Cristales River flowing through this region. It has many waterfalls, wells, and hollows throughout its course. Due to the presence of algae, the river changes color between the months of September to November. The variety of colors has earned this lovely river the fame of being the “The River that Ran Away from Paradise”.

The weird and unusual landscapes of this world are nature’s miracle and exceptions, which can stun any traveler. Even if you cannot travel to these amazing places, knowing about them can enrich your life.

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