5 Best noodle soups in Toronto’s Chinatown

When you’re visiting Toronto, be sure not to miss Chinatown – one of the largest in North America. 

Restaurant storefronts hang their barbequed meats, whole roasted pigs, and orange squids for show.  Fruit vendors sell mangoes, jackfruit, and durian, yelling to compete with each other for customers.  It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be missed – not to mention the photo opportunities are endless.

Follow along with and, as we bring you Toronto’s 5 best noodle soups – from old school to nouveau-style Asian soup noodles – these dishes are the best value for fill and taste when you’re in Toronto’s Spadina Ave. & Dundas St. Chinatown.

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Toronto’s 5 best cheap noodle soups in Chinatown

Asian Ledend5) Asian Legend (418 Dundas St W, Toronto)
Dish: Dan Dan Spicy Noodles in Peanut Sauce

Asian Legend is one of the best nouveau Chinese restaurants to hit the Toronto scene.  Northern Chinese, Shanghai and Taiwanese-inspired cuisine bring spicier flavours, unique techniques, and specialty traditional dishes to Chinatown.  Here you can find a classic Sichuan noodle dish, Dan Dan Noodles – noodles in a spicy peanut soup or sauce.  Be sure to also try the steamed soup-filled pork dumplings, rolled beef and onion pancake, and the glutinous rice roll with meat floss.  Read the Full Review on

Hong Fatt4) Hong Fatt (443 Dundas St W, Toronto)
Dish: Soya Sauce Chicken and Roasted Pork with Rice Noodles

I wouldn’t trade Hong Fatt’s 8 old school yellow tables hole-in-the-wall restaurant for anything.  The chefs here are true “old school” Chinese cooks and have been putting out deliciously barbequed and moist meats Chinese-style for years at this corner of Dundas and Huron in Chinatown.  For $5, you can get your barbeque meat on top of rice, egg noodles in soup or rice noodles in soup.  My personal favourite is the soya sauce chicken and roasted or barbeque pork in a rice noodle soup. Read the Full Review on

Xe Lua Restaurant3) Xe Lua Restaurant (254 Spadina Ave, Toronto)
Dish: Satay Chicken Rice Noodle Soup

Nicknamed “Train Pho” to many Toronto Pho regulars, Xe Lua is hidden away on the second floor but is always brimming with its faithful customers, nonetheless.  The platters to make your own fresh rolls are delicious, so are the grilled pork with spring roll “bun” bowls; but my favourite here is the Satay Chicken with Rice Noodle Soup – a slightly spicy, thick barbeque satay flavour soup – be sure to get extra peanuts on the side. Read the Full Review on

King's Noodle Restaurant2) King’s Noodle Restaurant (296 Spadina Ave, Toronto)
Dish: Wonton Noodle Soup

Of all the casual Chinese restaurants along Spadina and Dundas in Toronto’s Chinatown, King’s Noodle stands out for their noodles. Just don’t let the hanging roasted pigs and bright-orange squid in the front window scare you away.  Get the classic Wonton Noodle Soup with egg noodle or for the rice noodle for a fun change-up.  Another favourite of mine at King’s is the Vegetable Rice Roll – great for a late night snack or light lunch.  Read the Full Review on

Pho Pasteur Restaurant1) Pho Pasteur Restaurant (525 Dundas St W, Toronto)
Dish: Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Brisket

Pho Pasteur is one of the only Toronto pho that appeases the Vietnamese in Toronto. Open 24-hours, the delicious soup and friendly service will make anyone forget the lack-lustre decor.  If you want to taste Vietnamese beef noodle soup as it should be – then this is the place to go.  It’s purely delicious beef soup with hints of onion and savoury reduced flavour goodness.  Go for the #1 beef soup noodle or the beef brisket.  Pasteur is a little more expensive than your average Pho restaurant but it’s worth the splurge for that delicious, mouth watering broth! Read the Full Review on

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