Beijing 2008: Olympic Torch Relay Map, Schedule & Route

Beijing Olympic Torch

The Torch Relay begins a few months before the Olympics begin and is a way to promote the Olympics in destinations worldwide to garner participation, awareness, excitement and promote this year’s Relay theme, “the Journey of Harmony.”

The Relay lasts 130 days and the torch is carried on a 137,000 km route through destinations all over the world and throughout many of China’s cities and regions. The Torch was passed from Olympia in Greece to Beijing on March 31st, 2008 to relay throughout the world to finish again in Beijing on August 6-9th, 2008 when the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing begin with the Torch Lighting Ceremony.

Don’t forget to check out our interactive Beijing 2008 Torch Relay Route on our homepage:! Click on the cities to find out more about them.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay Schedule & Route

March 31 Beijing   April 28 Pyongyang   June 15 Sichuan
April 2 Almaty   April 29 Ho Chi Minh City   June 19 Tibet
April 3 Istanbul   May 2 Hong Kong   June 22 Qinghai
April 5 St. Petersburg   May 3 Macao   June 25 Xinjiang
April 6 London   May 4 Hainan   June 28 Gansu
April 7 Paris   May 7 Guangdong   July 2 Ningxia
April 9 San Francisco   May 11 Fujian   July 5 Shannxi
April 11 Buenos Aires   May 14 Jiangxi   July 8 Shanxi
April 13 Dar es Salaam   May 17 Zhejiang   July 11 Inner Mongolia
April 14 Muscat   May 20-21 Shanghai   July 14 Heilongjiang
April 16 Islamabad   May 22 Jiangsu   July 17 Jilin
April 17 New Delhi   May 25 Anhui   July 20 Liaoning
April 19 Bangkok   May 29 Hubei   July 23 Shandong
April 21 Kuala Lumpur   June 1 Hunan   July 28 Henan
April 22 Jakarta   June 4 Guangxi   August 1 Hebei
April 24 Canberra   June 7 Yunnan   August 4-5 Tianjin
April 26 Nagano   June 10 Guizhou   August 6-8 Beijing
April 27 Seoul   June 13-14 Chongqing      


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