Discover Passion in Argentina

TangoRomanticism, sensualism and passion embody and express all things Argentinean.

From its passion for football to tango, rich foods, latin music, world-renown wines, and its stunning landscape backdrops, Argentina is a land full of contrast and profound discoveries waiting to be savoured and enjoyed to its very last drop.

The birthplace of the tango, this Argentinean dance is one that reflects emotion, seduction, passion, longing, strength and intense intimate exchange. From its world recognized Malbec and Torrontes wines, nothing is finer or more powerful than a deep rich red wine under the shade of lines of trees in Mendoza – with a view of snow capped Andes.

Come journey with us as we spotlight Argentina’s most sensuous passions – and how you can experience them today when you visit Argentina, Buenos Aires or Mendoza!

The Tale of the Tango: Buenos Aires

TangoThe story of the Tango is set in the mid 1800’s. Gauchos were wanderers of Argentina’s southern fields just north of Patagonia. These cowboy-like nomads would move from town to town on their horses as strong, silent and deeply passionate types.

When these Romeos would come into town, they would ask the local women to dance, and this is how the Tango began. The gauchos wore pants that were hardened and stiff from riding and so they danced with flexed knees. Having not showered, the women would dance in the crook of the gaucho’s arm and not any closer. Her hand would be on his waist near his pocket so that she ensured that she would be recompensed for her dance.

Today, when watching an authentic Argentinean Tango performed in Buenos Aires, your senses will no doubt be left pulsating and hungry for more.

Every February/March, Buenos Aires holds various Tango Festivals which gathers more than 150 performers and dance acts. When visiting, many places offer tango lessons for tourists as well as many stage shows and dinner & tango evenings for all. Go here for a list of venues!

Wander Through Wine Country: Mendoza & Cafayate

Wine CellarMost wine from Argentina comes from the north western area of Argentina, including Mendoza in the northern Mendoza province and Cafayate found in central Salta. Some of the red wine varieties that its lands offer include: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo, and Pinot Noir. White wine varities include: Torrontes, Semillon, Chadonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Viognier.

On an international level, Argentina’s warm temperate conditions make a great place for some of the world’s best Malbec, a red wine from Maipu, Mendoza. Its other most popular wine is the Torrontes, a fruity white wine grown and esteemed by Cafayate vineyards, 1,660 metres above sea level.

While wine making is still quite young in Argentina, every year, it continues to gain repute and establish its status in the world of wine. Mendoza, a city at the heart of wine country, is the perfect spot to sip a local Argentinean wine under the breeze of surrounding trees and in view of the Andes Mountains, right before a trip to the ski resorts from June to October.

Many tour operators offer day or several day tours across Argentina’s wine country. Many of the vineyards are also connected to spas, hotels, resorts and restaurants. Experience the rustic passion of Argentina’s countryside like no where else in Argentina.

Vineyard looking on to the Andes Mountains

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