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Easily Navigate International Travel With These 5 Tips

by Dr Prem Community Writer

There are enormous differences between domestic and international travel, and that doesn’t even count the fact that you may visit a place that speaks another language. Just preparing for a trip abroad takes time and effort because you want to get it right and finish it early, rather than waiting until the last possible moment to accomplish everything. Being prepared allows you to sit back and relax both on the plane and when you finally arrive at your international destination.

Pack Wisely


Not only do you need to take care not to pack too much — you have to lug these bags around the world, after all — but you should also plan against contingencies. Hopefully, an airline will never lose your luggage. In case it happens, however, pack an outfit in your carry-on bag. You can replace a lot of things once you reach your destination, but it’s an expensive and frustrating hassle to replace your clothing and underwear right off the bat. Buy clothes because you want to, not because you need clean ones.

Check in Early

Checking into an international flight as early as possible has one tremendous advantage: the ability to pick your seat. The earlier you check in, the better your chances are of finding the seat you want. You also have a better shot at getting a spot next to your traveling companion, if you have one. In most cases, there’s a set time when early check-in begins, so get familiar with the rules of your airline and be ready to hop online as soon as you can.

Keep Your Travel Documents Close At Hand

documents in a separate folder

International travel is significantly different from domestic travel. You need an ID to travel from state to state, but other travel documents are essential anytime you’re in another country. Have your passport close at hand, but keep it in a safe place. The same goes for your ID cards and any insurance cards.

Protect Yourself From Jet Lag

That disoriented, fatigued feeling can ruin the first few days of your trip. Avoid suffering from jet lag when you fly into another time zone by staying hydrated, eating on the plane, and taking a strategic approach to sleeping. Get a good night’s sleep before your flight, regardless of when it takes place. Try to book a flight that conforms to the local time of your destination, as well, i.e., you arrive in the morning after sleeping on the plane all night.

Take Care of Your Money Beforehand

Wallet Full of Money

Not only do you need to research the conversion rates between the money in your home country and the currency of your destination, but you should convert some of your cash to the local currency long before you arrive there. Avoid any conversion centers at the airport. Places in the city you visit charge too much, as well. Banks and ATMs provide exact conversions.

International travel is a thrill that allows you to experience new cultures and see things you’ve only read about or watched. What destination do you dream of visiting?

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