Exotic and Affordable Family Travel Destinations in Philippines


If you are planning a family holiday, then family travel destinations in Philippines is one choice you can make. This place is known for its wonderful and beautiful tourist destinations. Each of these destinations in Philippines is a world in itself boasting of its scenic and natural beauty. These include all sorts of places like beaches, farmhouses, parks, groves, lakes, and resorts and eco-tourism destinations within the Philippines. Here is some of the most popular family travel destinations in Philippines have to offer. Consider them for your next holiday.

The coffee farmhouse:


The coffee farmhouse is the best option among all places to visit in Philippines for family, especially for those who are looking for a getaway to a quiet place to spend some quality time with their friends and families. It has many fruit bearing coffee trees along with flowering plants, which relax your body, mind, and soul to a great extent. It offers many indoor activities including board games, table tennis, billiards etc.

Garin farm and inland resort:

This is not just a farm but an inland resort as well. The individuals moving here are bound to experience calmness and a soothing feel because of its fabulous outdoor features. In addition to being just the right amount of quiet and solitary, it provides various outdoor activities too.

Kayaking, boat paddling, and frolicking under the sun are only a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy here in Garin farm. It also boasts of a 300m zipline ride. It has a terrific Divine Mercy Cross situated right at the top of a hill, 456 steps away. Garin farm is one of the best family travel destinations in Philippines has.

Tagaytay city:


One of the most happening family travel destinations in Philippines has is a road trip in Tagayta city. This is enough to leave you with satiated like you have holidayed long enough. It comes with a bundle of experiences enough to last a lifetime. Not only that; there is a large number of fun-filled activities like sky ranching and picnic grooving that one can find in Tagaytay city.

The sky ranch consists of many rides for example, the sky eye, which is an eye-catching activity you can, boasts to your friends about. It is the tallest Ferris wheel ever. Which is why, you must turn it into one of your major travel goals in the Philippines. The Antonio has a beautiful dining area for the perfectly fine dining experience. In fact there are many hotels and restaurants accompanying in and around the place to make your stay a happening and memorable one.

Nuvali parks and nature:

Nuvali parks boasts of an area of 2290 hectares. It is a residential as well as commercial place along with plenty of parks and playgrounds. Here, people can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, and Tagayta ridge in their homes or while riding a bike on the streets. A long path of 50 km has been kept aside only for riding bikes and it surrounds all of it. A man-made lagoon is also present, complete with amazing water sport fun and outdoor activities for extra enjoyment.


IlocosIf you are looking for a family vacation in Philippines, this place has its own exclusive and interesting culture and history. It is a family place with something to offer for each member of the family. Here, you will find many fun activities and games for the young and old alike. Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte zoos both have a good collection of wild animals and birds. Overall, Ilocosis coupled with plenty of amazing activities such as horse riding, exploring different sights, historical monuments, and beautiful beaches.

Aloguinsan River:

A visit to this river can be easily double up as an eco-cultural tour or one of your travel goals in the Philippines. It can be considered as a cultural, entertainment, and adventurous package along with imparting the best experience of visiting one of the most beautiful and naturally scenic places of Philippines.

The tour starts with a welcome song at the very first point that also happens to be the station, along with fresh coconut juice; followed by a walk around the mangrove forest. In this walk, a tour guide graciously accompanies you, walks around with you giving you details about the history of this river.


Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there is no dearth of places to visit in Philippines for family like cool restaurant, bars, clubs, and pubs. Every place has a distinctive charm of its own, difficult to duplicate or find anywhere else in the world or your home country.

In addition to the family travel destinations in Philippines offers, it also has water sports like the one’s you would find in Malapascua Island, beaches, open gardens, parks, and museums, among many others. The tourist guide is responsible for guiding you throughout your tour as this place has a rich history difficult to comprehend for an outsider.

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