Five fascinating spots of the world for eco-conscious travelers

Ecotourism is becoming popular among the eco-conscious tourists. Ecotourism promotes the preservation of vulnerable natural landscapes. It also helps in spreading awareness about the necessity of responsible tourism in the regions of earth, which are under the threat of extinction. Due to the advancement of technology, growth of infrastructure and transport system we can now travel comfortably to the remotest destinations and explore the natural beauty of these places. Eco-tourists are conscious about the impact of their presence in the ecotourism spots and try their best not to contribute in increasing the level of pollution. If you too are interested in ecotourism then in the following you will find a list of five amazing ecotourism spots.

 Blue Mountain, Australia

Blue Mountain, Australia:

The Blue Mountain region in Australia is famous for its natural beauty and splendor. You should visit this region in the month of autumn when the beauty of the trees is enhanced by the season and the weather is pleasant. The panoramic view of the unexplored natural landscapes will steal your heart. If you are into hiking then this is the ideal place for you. There are many wonderful trails in this region and the lush green surroundings are bliss for the sore eyes of urban travelers. The waterfalls and bizarre rock formations will take your imagination to new levels.

 Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil:

The Amazonian Rainforest is spread over a huge part of Brazil. Due to all year round rainfall, the forest has grown to be so deep and thick that most of it is still uncharted and unexplored. The Amazonian rainforest offers 20% of the total oxygen produced by plants and forests. People who love the flora and fauna should visit this forest at least once in their lifetime. Numerous mammals, amphibians, plants and reptiles are found here. It is not possible to explore the entire region but you may go on a cruise along the Amazon River that runs through the forest.

 Costa Rica

Costa Rica:

Another amazing ecotourism spot is Costa Rica. People from all over the world visit this place for its natural beauty and astonishing bio diversity. Every year thousands of eco-tourists travel to Costa Rica from different parts of the world. Take a good camera with you because you will get plenty of opportunities of taking amazing pictures of the beautiful waterfalls and forests of this part of the world. Along with reptiles, amphibians and plants, you can find great variety of fresh water and salt-water fish here.



Kenya is one of the best places to see wildlife. Kenya is famous for its tiger and elephant populace. The variety of natural landscapes of Kenya is overwhelming and a short trip is not enough for exploring such a beautiful country. High mountains, arid deserts and thick rainforests contrast the vast plains. There is also a lovely beach and many lovely lakes spread over the entire country. Do visit the Masai Mara National Park, which is the most famous among the 50 different national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Kenya.



The Palau archipelago may not be as famous as the other entries of this list, but it is a beautiful spot for eco-tourism. It is gaining popularity fast because of the natural coral reefs and marine life surrounding the forest coated islands. It is home to many of the endangered flora species.


Ecotourism is becoming a popular trend among travelers who want to travel responsibly. If you simply love and adore nature, you can choose one of these places for your next vacation.

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