The friendliest cities around the world

You may spend money and visit an exotic locale but if the residents are not friendly, your trip may get ruined. At many places around the world, the local people are neither graceful nor accommodating. They will rather draw you into one of their brawls or behave in a condescending manner. Both of this is intolerable. That is why you should find out about the people of the place you are planning to visit. There are some great cities around the world where the locals are friendly and easy going. The pleasant behavior of the natives of these cities will make your trip memorable. In the following, we have listed five of the friendliest cities on the planet.

 Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland:

If you are planning to travel to Ireland and enjoy its natural beauty, make sure you stay in the city of Cork. It is a seaside city located in the northern parts of Ireland. The local people are friendly and very amiable to stay the least. You can discover the city on foot and be sure that some stranger or other will help you find your way. The city is surrounded by natural abundance and beauty. You will find some fun things to do whenever you choose to visit this city. The local people love to enjoy lives and believe in taking it easy. Apart from lovely scenery, it offers nice music, good pubs and rich cultural heritage to the visitors.

 Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina:

Ashville is one of the best places for a laid back and carefree holidays mainly because of the amazing people who live here. The ambience of this city will make you revisit the place. Southern style hospitality and tasty local cuisine will make your spring break or summer holiday memorable. You should explore this city thoroughly and enjoy the food offered in the small roadside eateries. There are also splendid small sized breweries where you will get freshly brewed drinks.


Savannah, Georgia:

Another lovely city that offers great food and makes your holiday special is Savannah in Georgia. The locals are amicable and open hearted. There are numerous small and big hotels and restaurants where you can stay and get good food at low price. You will get to learn new things and check out nice offerings from the past at many wonderful museums.

 Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand:

Another city that you must visit during the course of one of your next holidays is Auckland in New Zealand. The amazing harbor city offers some magnificent views of sundown beyond the sea. The people are helpful and amiable and the food is delicious. There are numerous great restaurants and you will never be bored because there are different sorts of entertainment available. You are bound to fall in love with the lovely city and its graceful populace.

 Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

Victoria, British Colombia, Canada:

The beautiful city of Victoria located in North America is a part of Canada. Your stay in this lovely city will be memorable because of the nice behavior of local people. There are many different things to do like visiting the scenic gardens, having elaborate morning teas and watching crowds pass beneath the harbor. The Museum of Victoria is a well-stocked one. The Canadian city has drawn millions of visitors for many years and will continue to do so in the future.


The friendly cities of the world are good for tourists because they offer entertainment, peace and enjoyment. The people of these cities are generous and helpful. Helpful natives are like a blessing straight from heaven for the travel weary tourists.

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