Get your dose of Vitamin D by going to these Sunny destinations


All ice and snow do have its share of monotony as does a continuous drizzle that forces you to stay indoors raising your concern for Vitamin D shortfall. In fact, a fall in temperature could be nice but if it continues long you won’t like it no matter how much of Christmas carol or the Santa try to cheer you up (talking about Northern Hemisphere). Here we bring a few sun drenched beach holiday destinations to replenish your Vitamin D.

  1. Playa Grande, Dominican Republic:

The blonde beaches of the Dominican Republic have its own charms luring you to an extremely relaxing seafront session. The magic of the shoreline magic gets multiplied several times in a sunny weather. Here stands the Aman’s Amanera hotel sandwiched between the ocean and 2170 acres of pristine jungle. Book a room in summer before it gets crammed and relish the wondrous vista of the aquamarine waters right from your room.

  1. Tuscon, Arizona:

This US destination is truly enticing with its bewitching sunny climate for those longing to escape the depressive winter. Quality wellness spas are in plenty.  Get into one and attend a healthy session of mindfulness tutorials. Find some time in between for an exciting hike along the staggering landscape of the Canyon ranch. Enjoy a luxury spa therapy under a hot and sunny desert sky and get a treat of healthy diet all designed to make you healthier, happier putting you at the peak of your fitness.

  1. Playa Manzanillas, Nicaragua:Nicaragua 

The Mukul resort located on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast is a sure-fire winner when it comes to tourist popularity in terms of a sunny climate combined with a healthy vacation. There is the deep blue sea to surf and swim, tropical jungles to have a trek and amazing golf courses to get your waistline trimmed and at the same time have an awesome view of a million dollar seascape. Mukul resort boasts of luxurious seaside villas as well as tree houses and you feel exhilarated put amid deep green nature with the sea close by. Spas and lounges right on the beach would make your vacation an unforgettable one.

  1. Curacao, Caribbean:Curacao-Caribbean.

This is a splendid destination if you are in the quest for a sunny vacation to get the required Vitamin D for your skin. Explore what all marvels the Baoase resort has on offer making your vacation scale the pinnacle of bliss. This is the ultimate example of a Caribbean holiday blessed by the sun, sea and the heightened fun that goes with it with an emphasis on an all-round wellbeing. Private pools, yoga tutorials, sailing on the high seas, fishing and snorkeling opportunities would keep you energized throughout the vacation spell.

  1. Malaga, Spain:

Southern Spain is a great beach holiday destination on which you can put your bet. The temperature ranging between 23 to 26 degrees Celsius is never scorching on the skin.  Malaga is a wonderful find earning a place at the top of your bucket list. You can take a Yacht cruise in Malaga’s flashy harbor but it is advisable to put on a traditional Panama hat to protect yourself from the blazing hot ball of fire up in the sky!

  1. Pula, Croatia:Pula-Croatia

Croatian beaches are incredible beauty spots with balmy sun restoring your Vitamin D.  The sunny Dalmatian and the Istrian coastlines are big crowd pullers. If slim budget, is a prime factor Croatian beach resorts are ideal. Pula, located at the pointy head of the Istrian peninsula, is a small but a well organized town which you should visit. The town is blessed with gorgeous harbors. You also get an opportunity for cycling or simply strolling around.

  1. Nice, France:Nice

Who wouldn’t crave for a treat with the choicest champagnes and legendary gastronomic delicacies in the world and roam around the state-of-the-art driveways riding on the fastest cars?  A trip to the French Riviera will just add a cherry on your French vacation cake. It would be an unforgettable summer vacation in France without drilling a big hole in your wallet.

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