Gorgeous and gripping swimming holes in America

If you want to beat summer’s scorching heat, then nature’s swimming pools are best for them. It’s fortunate that you can locate them everywhere from California to New York. During summertime, when the thermometer also gets red hot then the best place to cool you is this nature’s scenic beauty. These places are best to avoid the unnecessary crowds with safety guards constantly watching you. Here is the list of some of the best natural swimming holes in America.


Little River Canyon, AL

In north part of Alabama, Little river moves on the top of the mountain and falls into grand Little River Canyon. Guarded by high cliffs this Swimming hole is perfect for you to beat heat. When water level is low, follow the Alabama Highway 35 towards little river falls to reach your destination. If you love adventure then you can also Hike starting at Eberhart Point to reach the canyon floor.


Havasu Falls, Supai

Yeah, this is the best natural swimming hole among all. If you want to reach Havasu Falls then you have to walk from Havasupai village to the bottom of Grand Canyon. After this either you can use a helicopter ride or you can hike some miles. The hole is simply eye catching with a big stream of water flooding in the Grand Canyon. The turquoise water is so mesmerizing that it’s a heaven for all lazy people who just want to lie back in water.


Carlon Falls, CA

Guarded by tall pines with sunflowers and purple lupine everywhere, this hidden swimming hole is mostly known to Yosemite pilgrims. Water falls in the hole from a height of 35 feet. As a part of Yosemite National Park, this Carlon falls will surely make your summer experience a heaven. If you want some silent and some pleasant place to swim, where you can hear only birds chirping sound and water splashing in water then this paradise is just for you. This is one good example to see how a good swimming hole should be.


Redfish Lake, Stanley

A place where salmon are more than people, this Redfish Lake is in outskirts of Stanley. This jaw-dropping place is the best place to see backcountry. Earlier when salmons were more in this area then it appeared to be red. This place is mainly known for its large bird population including falcons, songbirds, warbles, kinglets. This place will change your whole meaning of untouched nature. It is so mesmerizing that it will surely leave you speechless. 


Peekamoose Blue Hole, Sundown

This place reminds you of old Mountain Dew ads. At Peekamoose Blue hole, you can see young people jumping in water, playing in sun, having fresh soda. This place will surely fit the lyrics “Being cool is a state of mind.” You can enjoy the cool breeze, floating on water. 


Sliding Rock, Brevard

You may have enjoyed many slides in water parks but this naturally elevated waterslide will surely amuse you. This famous natural waterslide is located near Highway 276 near Pisgah National Forest. The water of this hole is maintained at around 50 degree throughout the year.  This rock is not perfectly flat, so slide carefully because it is natural rock, and not a manmade slide.


Cummins Falls, Cookeville

Situated between Nashville and Knoxville, Cummins falls comes directly from 50 feet height.  This is a perfect way to get away of heat with its cold water. You can do hiking, climbing the ridge. This place is mainly for younger people. Visiting this natural hole during summers is worth it.


Natural holes will make you feel more comfortable rather than whole crowd along with safety guards watching you. So, grab a swimsuit and get ready to jump in these natural marvels.

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