If you study travel & tourism what type of career is possible?


Many people have a dream of being able to travel; if you can make traveling a part of your career, it will be the best thing for you to do. Of course, studying for a Diploma of Travel and Tourism does not necessarily mean that you will actually travel for your work. Many travel and tourism related careers involve working in the industry in your home city or country.

We are going to take a look at three very different careers you may want to consider going into if you study travel and tourism.  Of course, there are lots of other related careers out there but this is a start as a source of inspiration.

Working as a tour guide

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If you want to see the world then using your travel and tourism qualification to apply for a job as a tour guide can be a good way to do it. You obviously have to enjoy working with people and be prepared to learn lots of detailed facts and information about the places the tour is due to visit.

People who take the tour will expect you to know a lot and they will also expect the information to be related to them in an entertaining and creative way. You need to be able to capture and hold the attention of an audience if you work as a tour guide. If all of this sounds like the right job for you then you can expect to earn a salary of between $AU32,500 and $AU60,000.

Working for a cruise line

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You can of course work in customer service on a cruise ship, which also involves providing people with information that they need. There are many roles you can fill on a cruise ship, including working in one of the online stores, as a bartender or as an entertainer. One of the most important things to remember, if you are thinking of applying for a job working on cruise ships, is that it is not always as glamourous as it seems.

You often have to work very long hours and you do not always get to see much of some of the places the ship visits. It’s still a good way of travelling though and you can expect to earn a salary of around $AU58,000.

Working in tourism marketing

Target audience and customers concept. Man hold target customer in hand, target audience in background.

We mentioned earlier that not all tourism related careers involve traveling. If you work as a tourism marketing manager then you are not going to see much of the world but you can help to build tourism in the area you are responsible for, such as arrangements for responsible tourism. You need to examine what attracts people to the area and use it as part of the marketing strategy you create. As a tourism marketing manager, you need to be skilled at problem solving so that you can maximise the tourist potential. You also need to be very creative in the marketing campaigns you develop. In return for these skills, you will be rewarded with a salary of anywhere between $AU50,000 and $AU122,000.

If you study travel and tourism, you may think about any of these careers or you may want to search the world of travel and look for a different job that captures your imagination.

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