Park Hotel Skopje Review by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Park Hotel located in the ancient town of Skopje was an eye opener for me to experience firsthand luxury and comfort that a hotel can offer in spite of not being a popular tourist destination. Naturally, the business potential of hotel industry in such locations is not so high but Park Hotel proved otherwise.

Design and aesthetics:

Park Hotel Skopje Image Source : ParkHotel.Mk

The hotel is a very recent construction built just 3 months back with a massive touch of elegance and tasteful décor. Every bit of stone, brick, steel and concrete that formed the supporting backbone has been put in place and blended with a terrific design brief to ensure delivery of maximum comfort.

The hotel has a direct frontal view of the picturesque river Vardar. From my room itself, I had an unrestricted view of the river conjuring up a tranquil ambiance. Particularly, the evenings were splendid with the river mirroring the awesome reflection of the impressive hotel with the magnificent skyline providing a brilliant canvas painted in myriad colors by the setting sun.

The hotel featured a beautiful pavement running parallel to the river offering a relaxing walkway to a long stroll along the river bank. The bank of the river had a run of carefully manicured grassy stretch that gave a glamorous touch. A walk along the bank anytime is immensely relaxing.

The entire property is designed with the right combination of aesthetics, comfort, space and technological innovation to deliver complete satisfaction to the guests. I was thoroughly impressed by the room interior, space distribution and upgraded design aspects, a complete departure from other star hotels that put importance on uniformity and room standardization.

The rooms and the total structure were thought of with a unique innovative element that was very much pronounced in every design aspect. Finally, the architects’ vision was put into reality delivering the maximum value for customer’s money.

Interior decor of rooms:

Park Hotel Skopje Well, I was quite surprised by the elegant manner the rooms were designed with the intelligent usage of space. The guests would have a relaxing feel. Even the bathrooms had open space. This hotel made it a point to do away with space congestion that might give customers claustrophobia of closeness.

The upgraded furnishings provided a classy touch. The sofas, couches and beds installed in rooms were all very cozy with modern looks. The furnishings and cutlery had uniform color code. The room refrigerator, coffee machine and the kettles had a uniform color.

The Four Restaurant:

The Four RestaurantImage Source : BrickBar. Mk

The hotel had a staggering restaurant called the Four Restaurant that offered one of the most sensational gourmet experiences of my life.  It is the most popular restaurant in the country with unmatched kitchen delicacies and the homeliness with which the food was served.

The restaurant was stylishly decorated with the latest dining furniture and had an excellent range of food and drinks. The Macedonian menu was a big hit with its lip-smacking meat dishes that simply melted in mouth delivering an amazing aroma. Talking of drinks, the classic wines won our hearts.

The engine of the restaurant was the Head Chef with a rich experience in culinary skills that could work magic on the palate of the customers. He led his team of efficient chefs with perfect coordination and expertise. I would rate this restaurant as an ideal gastronomic destination for a gastronomist.

Customer service and support:

Dr-Prem-JagyasiI was enchanted by the excellent customer service from all levels of the hotel staff. They have practically redefined the concept of customer service delivering it with warmth and yet a professional approach.

Their level of understanding and proactive attitude made my stay very comfortable. Whether it is ordering some fancy menu right in your room or for going outdoors, the hotel staffs were very supportive and did their best to win my heart.

As mentioned earlier, Skopje is not a very well developed tourist destination. It is not well acquainted with the top grade hospitality industry. But Park Hotel was clearly an exception. All the staffs were well trained, dedicated and courteous that can beat any globally acclaimed starred hotel.

My introduction to this hotel was made through a tourism industry workshop in the city to which I was invited. The workshop was organized in this hotel, and I am greatly thankful for the fantastic coordination of the hotel management and staff. It is their support that enabled me to put up a great show.

There were delegates from the tourism industry and leading chronicles. More than seventy guests were gathered in a vibrant interactive session which was a wonderful and productive experience for all. The food and drinks were a cut above the rest that highly satisfied the guests who generously poured in words of praise.

To my ultimate satisfaction, the workshop received huge media coverage. I had a brief stay in Park Hotel but would definitely thank my luck if I get another opportunity of revisiting this place.

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