PuriDajuma – the love story that bloomed on the shores of West Bali – Review by Dr Prem

Puri Dajuma Eco Resort by Dr Prem

PuriDajuma Resort project that took off in 1998 is the green pearl located amidst the idyllic settings of West Bali. The pristine shoreline had cast a spell on a touring French couple who had set their foot on this bewitching land. The mesmerizing appeal of the azure sea inspired them to come up with a unique beach front eco-resort amidst an expansive tropical garden perfect for the sea lovers.

My stay at PuriDajuma

I was lucky to meet this amazing couple during my stay at PuriDajuma and relished the interesting background facts that led to the creation of this wonderful resort. The man is an engineer by profession, sober, bright and knowledgeable with great foresightedness.

The French engineer who was also a professor was on a long tour to Asian countries, dropped by on the island of Bali. First, he had touched south Bali which he thought was way too congested. He had in mind setting up a property far from the madding crowd. Eighteen years back, a move from South Bali to the West Bali wasn’t that lengthy and therefore there was no hesitation in spot selection.

The name of the resort itself has an interesting background. The couple is blessed with three kids named David, Julienand Mathew. They named the resort borrowing the first two letters from their names.  Da- borrowed from David, Ju- from Julien and finally Ma from Mathew. What a fascinating idea!

The upcoming of Dajuma till date has been an endless sojourn driven by love for nature and what stands today is the beautiful haven of tourists offering a cozy lap filled with fun, frolic and wellness. Whether it is the sole travelers, family vacationers, honeymooners or wellness seekers, PuriDajuma has everything for everyone.

Creativity has touched the pinnacle considering the beauty and aesthetics of this resort. Practically, the entire property is a feast for your senses standing way apart from others where the focus is primarily on spending a fortune on the construction and design aspects spoiling the natural beauty in the process.

The journey from the airport to this resort is quite long about 2 hours drive but it is worth it. Keeping this in mind, the resort has smart airport pick up arrangements saving the tourists fromthe hassle of reaching this destination.

Its green green everywhere!

green green everywhere

Every inch of PuriDajuma is enthralling from a tourist’s point of view. The resort features 33 spectacular villas spread over a vast tropical garden. The graveled pathway meandering through a thick population of tall coconut palms, bushes, shrubs and other tropical vegetation provide an easy access to the villas and cottages.

Exploring the entire property is highly time-consuming which reflects the vastness of this resort. To give the tourists a complete relaxing feel amidst nature, I felt this vastness was required else it would have led to a clumsy and cluttered place.

The beautiful shoreline bordering the property blows in the fresh breeze refreshing the senses of the guests. One would be marveled by the unknown shrubs and bushes so decoratively planted all around the resort.

It is natural to come across trained climbers bringing down bunch of tender coconuts from the widely spread out coconut plantations, which are extensively used in welcome drinks and mocktails. I got the feel that guests here are fed with fresh produceseither from the garden or surrounding villages, a trend much appreciated by modern travelers.

The accommodation and facilities:

The accommodation and facilities

Accommodation in PuriDajuma is a deadly combination of exoticism and comfort with the Balinese architecture adding more value to it. The resort houses 18 cottages, 2 suites and 5 villas totaling 35 rooms spread over 1.5 hectares.The interior décor is awesome with furnishings and showpieces enhancing the aesthetics.

Two voluminous swimming pools cover almost all the villas providing an easy swimming access for the guests irrespective of the scattered location of the villas. The pools run almost parallel to the shores with the narrow pathway running in between.

FragrantChampaka flowers are widely used in floral decorations in this resort. They are often spread on the cozy bedsas its soothing cologne lifts the mood of the guests. Timber construction is a dominant feature in this resort.

Bathrooms are so unique without the ceiling cover that one gets to bathe under the open sky. Some bathrooms have partially covered ceilings with sophisticated tubs, showers and faucets where one can bathe while soft sunrays lit up the space.

The guests enjoy the wonderful view of the open sky and tall coconut palm trees over the 9 feet high surrounding walls.The towel hangers and toiletries are all neatly arranged in the bathing enclosure giving the visitors a memorable bathing experience.

For an exciting dining experience, the three sea-facing restaurants of the resort namely the Rama, Shinta and the Bendega Bar and Grill including a Teppanyakiserve delicious food of every description to satisfy all types of palates.

The enormous choice options in the menu may leave you bewildered but the friendly chefs are there to help you make the right choice suiting your taste bud. Balinese cuisine rules the roost no doubt but Asian, continental and European varieties are also available in plenty. Drinks, both the local and choicest international brands, are there to heighten your pleasure.

Enhancing wellness and spirituality:

Dr Prem Recieving Wellness Therapy at Puri Dajuma

Fun and pleasure is not all for modern day vacationers. They look for ways to upkeep their wellness and get fully rejuvenated before heading back home. Amidst the breathtaking view of the beach, the sea-facing spa lounges managed by professional masseurs and therapists offer a range of body and mind relaxing treatments using exotic ingredients, herbal extracts and oils. The oil from Champaka used in aromatherapy is one of the hot picks.

To heighten the mind-body spirit, the guests are provided special spaces for yoga and meditation especially the morning on-the-beach yoga sessions is simply fascinating. It is interesting to watch such a huge number of participants absorbed in yogic practices.

It is the place where you get the real feel of relaxation watching the stunning sunsets and changing colors of the beachwhile resting on hammocks or beachside chairs sipping your favorite drink. Moreover, the resort arranges for endless interesting activities keeping the guests engaged throughout.

Promoting sustainable eco-tourism:


The efforts of PuriDajuma staff and management to preserve the natural ecological balance are worth appreciating. This is very important in today’s perspective where waste generated due to extensive global travel is a big problem everywhere.

This eco-resort highly emphasizes on:

  • Zero marine pollution
  • Generating compost from organic waste promoting organic farming
  • Recycling glass and plastics
  • Rain water harvesting promoting fresh water conservation
  • Supporting local population and projects.

I was surprised at the efficiency level of the staff hired from surrounding villages. They are very few in number but their streamlined services are highly gratifying to the guests no less than what we experience in starred accommodations. They are highly dedicated ensuring personalized services so that the guests receive complete comfort. To cut a long story short, PuriDajuma offers the real taste to explore, enjoy and experience the magic of the distant land far away from home.

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