Royal Holiday Vacations Club Reviews Safety Measures


Mexico is a highly popular tourist attraction, with millions visiting the country every year. Access to historical landmarks, delicious cuisine, and warm waters has invited people to come back to the beautiful country.

MexicoUnfortunately, there have been rising concerns about the safety of the country for visitors. Tourists have become weary due to reports of violence. Safety concerns are very important to travelers and have a direct impact on how they view Mexico’s tourist industry.

While Mexico has so much to offer; meeting new people, visiting new places, and indulging in the local culture is not always so easy. Visitors and residents alike have to be prepared with how they can handle any situation that might compromise their safety. Royal Holiday Vacation Club has taken additional steps to ensure that travelers have a joyful, secure, and safe stay.

Royal Holiday Vacations Club Reviews Safety Measures

Royal-Holiday-Vacations-ClubRoyal Holiday Vacation Club has recently enacted a litany of safety measures to their Mexican resorts. While the news networks are quick to point out the violence in the region, they fail to clarify that the majority of the crimes are located in border towns. Violence is linked to cartels and drug trafficking. While the local government is attempting to curtail and strongman these sources of violence, the coastal areas of Mexico have largely been unscathed by the violence. These areas are still hotbeds for tourists who want to experience leisure. The residents, travelers, government, and families in these areas have dedicated their time and resources to ensure that Mexico is a friendly tourist attraction. These coastal areas also realize that international tourism is key in spurning local economic growth. By allocating time and support to keeping these coastal areas safe, incoming travelers can feel secure, and locals can enjoy the economic growth that stems from tourism.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is also moving forward to ensure that patrons in their hotels are kept safe. The coastal areas in and around Royal Holiday Vacation Club resorts are known for their safety; regularly heralded as one of the safest places in Mexico.

Royal-Holiday-Vacations-ClubAdditionally, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has partnered with local officials to provide visitors with needed safety. Tourist police hired by the sort are trained to detect suspicious activity, are fluent in not only Spanish but also English, all while being approachable. With a staff that is trained to communicate clearly in a common language, suspicious incidents are communicated a lot more clearly and succinctly.

To bolster security even further, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has installed private security guards who keep watch over the premises, and are continually surveilling the area. Besides, resort employees receive training at delivering the best service to tourists, underlining the significance of travel safety to resort residents. During the onboarding process, employees are carefully vetted. These precautionary practices ensure hired workers contribute to the culture of safety that Royal Holiday Vacation Club is trying to build. There have been no incidents of petty theft from resort employees.

This dedication to travel safety has not gone unnoticed. Royal Holiday Vacation Club has received a 5-star safety rating by BV Rating. This 5-star rating comes from the resort actively bolstering officials, carefully vetting employees, as well as only partnering up with trusted taxi drivers that the resort has on speed dial.

Royal-Holiday-Vacations-ClubNine million tourists and travelers reach the sunny shores of Mexico every year. This level of tourism shows that the fears of violence in Mexico are primarily hyperbolic. Royal Holiday Vacation Club is ensuring that visitors enjoy their time for the upcoming summer seasons. These numbers support why Royal Holiday Vacation Club has been the go-to resort for those who want to experience Mexico.

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