Safe and best countries for solo travelers

There are many travelers across world that consider travelling alone to be the best option.  They want to experience their own tastes, interests or preferences without being influenced by anybody else. Sometimes travelling alone can be of much pleasure. You can explore new places, hang around cafes and make new friends. Here are some of the best and safest countries most suitable for solo travelers.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica emerged as the happiest and safest place in world for those solo American travelers who want to have their first travel experience. Travelers are mostly attracted by rafting on Reventazon River, surfing in Malpais, explore volcanoes on horse ride and Vieja National Park. If you don’t want such adventures then all you can do is sit back and relax by the side of sea and hear the calm sound of water at some affordable resort.



After decades, this former war country is an example of friendliness and forgiveness towards Americans also. This is a very optimist country. You can ask a local to show you lush jungles, countryside places and coastline. You can hop on bikes to go to beaches like Phu Quoc Island. You may visit pagodas of Hue and many famous temples. Vietnam is famous for its culture and traditions. You should visit Hoan Kiem Lake in early morning hours to do tai chi with many locals.



Laos was once a war raged country, which has dramatically changed and emerged as a heaven for travelers. As far as you can see, Laos has spectacular forests and scenic beauty. Laos has always managed to retain its elegant culture and save its environment. Enjoy a boat ride on Mekong River and have some amazing experience in Vientiane. Laos has some of the most famous Buddhist centers; one of them is Luang Prabang.



Only place people of the country are more concerned about Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product. If you are planning to visit Bhutan then you have to pay a minimum of $200 per day for staying. Essentially a medieval kingdom with lend of modern world, Bhutan is one of the most peaceful countries, which is also known as Buddhist Paradise.  Some famous Buddhist places here are Bumthang Dzongkhag and Taktsang Monastery.



Being a safe and stable of conservative Muslims, Malaysia is an iconic country for solo travelers. Just like Chinese and Indian cuisine, Malay food is also famous for its spicy twist. Malaysia is also famous for its other part Bomeo. It is mostly popular for those who like adventures and want to have a close encounter with nature. The jungles are known for Orangutans and tribal culture. You can choose hotels according to your budget. You can find hotels ranging from cheap lodges to 5 star hotels having world class amenities. You can have a relaxing and pleasant experience at the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.



If you are searching for people that will welcome with most warmth in Middle East then Egypt is a place for you. With a blend of rich traditions and culture, this is a very good deal for solo travelers. Some may like the chaos and crowd of Cairo but some like it pleasant and calm. Tourists mainly come here to see world famous Pyramids. If you are a history lover then you can also visit ancient Thebes. If you are bored by history and ancient civilizations, then you can enjoy a boat ride on Nile and head to Luxor.


If you want to enjoy and explore countries and their traditions without any interference, then pack your bags, prepare your travel itinerary and get going.

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