Simple yet unique tips for traveling with friends

traveling with friends

No matter how well you think you know someone, you will inevitably learn something new about them if the two of you go traveling together. It might be that they wake up early, bursting with energy when you are a bear with a sore head without your morning coffee,or maybe they want to spend their nights drinking in a bar whereas you would rather be dancing in a club.

Whether you’re cycling across the Alps for the joy of it all or away to do some serious training for a forthcoming event, such seemingly petty differences can easily spill over into a major falling out. However, with a little planning and foresight, you can make sure any trip with a friend is a successful one.

Communication is key

traveling with friends

Whether you are traveling with just one other person or as part of a larger group, it’s vital to keep the lines of communication open at all times. Don’t let issues fester as minor gripes can quickly become gargantuan concerns. If you find yourself being bothered by anything at any time, find a delicate way to raise it. You should encourage other members of the group to do the same. A calm conversation, no matter how awkward it might feel at the time, always trumps a hot-headed argument.

You should also bear in mind that, no matter how close a group of friends may be, everyone needs some alone time every now and then. Take care not to misinterpret someone seeking a moment of solitude as slight against the rest of the group.

Discuss your personal travel style

traveling with friends

Some people prefer to take the scenic route over the more direct one, others prefer the hills over the flats. Some folk like the shared camaraderie of a dormitory while others prefer the solitude of a room of their own. One of the first discussions you should have with any potential travel companion should be to establish their expectations for the trip so that you can agree on all the most pertinent issues and prevent them turning into sources of frustration.

If you want to stop every few minutes to take pictures in order to add to your collection of travel photo collages but your friend would rather press on and travel further, be sure you agree to a compromise solution in advance where, perhaps, you can stop a certain number of times or you agree to up the pace to make up the difference.

Agree on a budget

traveling with friends

It’s all too easy to fall out over money, especially if one of you has significantly more available for the trip than the other. The temptation to jump in a taxi to get back to your hotel rather than walking or taking the much cheaper bus becomes more of an issue if someone is on a tight budget.

This issue can also rear its ugly head around meal times, with one person eager to try out haute cuisine at fancy restaurants and the other opting for cheap street food alternatives. Sitting down to establish your preferences for certain situations and agreeing on a budget so that you essentially take the same amount of money with you, can avoid a great deal of grief at a later date.

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