The plight of Mountain Gorillas in the Congo

Congo gorillaPlight of Congo gorillas is grim

With the increased intensity in the war between the rebels and the Democratic Republic of Congo government forces, many of the jungles and mountains of the Congo are being taken over by violence.  Sadly, these areas include many of the protected gorilla areas and regions, causing the plight of the gorillas to be extremely grim as long as the war continues to wage and attacks continue on the gorillas.

War having negative effect on wildlife, community and tourism

Many of the pre-existing game ranges in the area have been evicted and although many of its staff and members were originally feared dead, all 11 of the game range staff groups have successfully trekked through the rainforest region and have gotten to safety. The fighting in the Congo has greatly impacted the conservation efforts in the Congo in a negative way, setting back much of the work that conservationists have achieved over the years, as well as causing a huge loss in tourism in Congo. 

During fights or attacks, the Congo mountain gorillas are usually killed to provide food for rebels and the local Congolese who favor bush meat and view it as a delicacy. The poaching of mountain gorillas and the war that has displaced so many Congolese, some of who have fled to Uganda to seek refuge.  

Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganada and Rwanda

In fact, in the Congo today, Gorilla trekking is not possible as the rebels have taken over many of the regions and have threatened to kill any ranger or conservationist they find in the area.  This has restricted mountain gorilla trekking to Uganda and Rwanda.  If you’re visiting or traveling in the area, help support local wildlife and conservationism by going for a mountain gorilla trekking tour or safari tour in Uganda and Rwanda.  It all has to start somewhere!

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