The United States: What Type of CVD Diamonds Do You Find There?

Type of CVD Diamonds

When it comes to CVD diamonds, most of us usually don’t pay that much attention. We think them to be artificial or even zirconia.

CVD, however, is what you do to create lab grown diamonds. This process is tested and proven. It can produce diamonds within laboratories that look just like natural ones.

In this article by New World Diamonds we would take a look at what the best features of CVD diamonds are that you would find in the United States.

Contrary to popular belief, CVD diamonds don’t have history of any immoral practices behind them.

Read on, if you wish to learn more about CVD diamonds or Lab Grown Diamonds.

History of CVD diamonds

lab grown diamondCVD diamonds first appeared during the mid-1950’s. They were created by a popular firm named General Electric. Later on, General Electric sold the technology to DeBeers, which didn’t do anything significant in the field for some time.

The earliest lab grown diamonds were developed using HPHT method. This was the founding stone for technology that would later develop CVD diamonds in the 1980s.

Are Lab grown diamonds or CVD diamonds flawless?

No, they are not. But even natural diamonds have flaws.

There are a lot of people who think that just because a diamond is created in a lab, it should be flawless. But, although the CVD diamonds are more likely to be of a better quality than mined diamonds, they still come in different qualities. The main reason behind this is, even laboratories utilize a simulation of processes that create diamonds in the nature. Even in them, there’s a certain randomness that could get involved.

Nevertheless, once developed, the CVD Diamonds have to go through a similar process for their evaluation and certification. There are three factors that decide the quality of the diamond. These are carat, cut, color. All of them are carefully calibrated and depending upon their finesse, they are assigned different grades by the certification labs, giving each diamonds its separate evaluation.

What about the pricing structure of CVD diamonds?

CVD diamonds are generally considered inexpensive

In terms of costing, things are relative. Although CVD diamonds are generally considered inexpensive, but that certainly doesn’t mean you are going to get one of the same qualities at half the price. If have knowledge about the way pricing is done for CVD diamonds, you’d know that you can expect them to be cheaper by near about 20 to 30%,

What are the benefits of CVD diamonds?

When it comes to the cost, CVD diamonds tend to cost less when compared to the mined ones. In addition, these don’t involve any environmental costs at all.

When mining earth for diamonds, you lost more than just money. It involves significant environmental costs. The ethical issues involved in mining of natural diamonds hare so well-known that people often call them “blood diamonds”. In addition, these diamonds could also be indirectly responsible for funding terrorist activities in third world countries.

That isn’t all. The environmental cost that we just talked about isn’t a laughing matter either. For every single caret of natural diamond extracted around 100 square feet of land is destroyed, which involves around 6000 pounds of mineral waste.

In case of CVD Diamonds, there aren’t any such conflicts. They are created in mines and involve literally no mineral waste. This is what makes the specifically advantageous over the mined diamonds.

So, are you willing to buy CVD diamonds?

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