Things to Remember While Settling into a Foreign Country

Settling into a Foreign Country

Settling into life in a new country can be a strange and disorientating experience. Whether it’s just for a few weeks whilst backpacking, or as part of a long-term move, adjusting to a new culture can be scary and challenging.

1. Logistics

LogisticsA person should make sure that they have a firm understanding of all the practicalities before they set off. Whether they need to learn about wire transfers or carry out the appropriate registration, it’s better to have an idea before the journey is made. Dealing with these logistical issues is an absolute nightmare when a person has just moved to a new country! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

2. Language

One of the best ways to settle comfortably into a new culture is to learn a little of the language if it is different to your own. Even if you don’t know all the ins and outs of the local lingo, and struggle with the nuances of advanced grammar, a beginners level can be enough to break the ice and demonstrate to locals that you are willing to make the effort to get to know their culture. A greater understanding of language will make it easier to make small talk on a night out and begin to develop friendships.

3. Customs

Learning some of the local customsLearning some of the local customs is also an important way of integrating into a new culture, no matter how long you plan on staying in the country. Different communication styles and social etiquette can leave you feeling a little lost. Nonetheless, by taking some time to read up on the local customs, you’ll be more understanding of any perceived reticence or excess of familiarity, and have a greater respect for the local culture.

4. Having fun

It’s important to remember to have fun when you are settling into a new place. Although it can be easy to get too het up with all the logistics and administrative tasks of living somewhere new, it’s essential for a person to take time for themselves to enjoy the experience of a new city and place. Going somewhere new is an exciting experience, with a myriad of different sites and experiences to be enjoyed. Sometimes it is hard to remember to live in the moment.

5. Finding food


One of the biggest difficulties that people find when moving to a new country is that they miss their favourite foods! Whilst many foodstuffs have a global marketplace and can be found everywhere, some things are more niche and won’t be sold in every country. If a person can find an international shop that sells their favourite products, then it can be a massive help in staving off homesickness.

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