Top attractions for tourist in Fuzhou, China

There are many wonderful places to visit in the city of Fuzhou in China. People who have visited this city vouch that they did not have one dull moment at this beautiful place. The reasons behind the fame of Fuzhou among native and foreign tourists are the gorgeous sea view it offers and the several historical places around the city.

Fuzhou is also famous because it is the biggest city and capital of the Fujian Province. As there are numerous Banyan trees in this city, it is often referred to as the “city of banyans”. The pleasant weather and lovely scenery makes this one of the best tourist spots in entire China. Explore the city completely and visit the temples, gardens and ancient buildings. There are many things to do around in the city. Here are five of the best tourist attractions in Fuzhou.

 Yushan Mountain

Yushan Mountain:

The Yushan Mountain has a long history of drawing the attention of travelers. From the period of China’s Warring States, 476 to 221 BC, it has been a part of this region. Previously the mountain was referred to as Jiuri. It is spread over 11.9 hectares. If you observe minutely, the mountain will look like the back of a tortoise. The seven storey tall octagonal tower that is an approximate 45.35 meters in height is now the symbol of Fuzhou. Tourists can visit many palaces, platforms and temples built on the mountain.

 Quingyun Mountain

Quingyun Mountain:

The Quingyun Mountain is located in the Linglu Town in the Yongtai County. To reach there you will have to travel 76 km southward from the Fuzhou city center. Spread over a vast region of 47 square kilometers it is one of the most popular tourist attraction site in China. The picturesque scenery of the surroundings will spellbind every visitor. Many of the peaks of this mountain are 1000 meters higher than the sea level. The main attraction of this mountain is the 12 level naturally formed stone corridor. There are waterfalls and caves along the corridor that is about 1,028 meters long.

 Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys:

Spread over a vast area of 40 square kilometers, the three lanes and seven alleys is one of the largest ancient heritage sites of China preserved with care. There are numerous ancient buildings in this part of the city. These parts of the city were built at least thousand years ago during the reign of Tang and Song dynasties. During the Ming dynasty, many rich people had built houses for their families in this area.

 Fuzhou National Forest Park

Fuzhou National Forest Park:

The Fuzhou National Forest Park, also known as the Fuzhou Botanical Garden, is one of the ten national forest parks in China. You will have to travel about seven kilometers from the downtown area to reach this place. Mountains surround the three sides of the forest park and there is a huge lake on the fourth side. You can find rare species of flora and fauna here.

 Pingtan Island

Pingtan Island:

Pingtan Island is the fifth largest island of China and the largest island of Fujian Province. Travel towards the eastern coast of Fujian Province to reach this lovely and exotic island. The pollution free surrounding, the blue water and beautiful soft sand beaches are the main plus points of this place.


Fuzhou is a mesmerizing city where you can enjoy different natural sites and engage in different holiday activities. Explore different parts of the city to feel and enjoy the regional flavor.

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