Top five rivers that a hardcore traveler should visit

Rivers are one of the best creations of nature. In many cultures, rivers are compared to mothers who foster life and happiness. Most of the important ancient civilizations of our world developed by the side of rivers like The Nile, Ganges, Huang ho, Euphrates and Tigris. Even today, the prosperity of a city or town depends on the nearness of a river.

River helps in low cost transport and it is also a steady source of pure water for all purposes. Some adventurous travelers follow rivers from their origin to the point when they merge with the sea. You may visit some cities and towns located in the banks of famous rivers and enjoy the unique culture that the rivers have nurtured. Here are five of rivers that every hardcore traveler should visit.

 Volga River

Volga River:

The Russians often refer to this river as “Mother Volga”. To understand the culture and feel its essence you have to follow the river Volga that has crossed its heart. The Volga cruises are amazing, as you will get a chance to acquaint with 11 largest cities of Russia that are situated on its banks. This river freezes during the winter season. You should visit Volga in the middle of summer. From June to October it flows gracefully across Russia. Most of the Volga cruises start from the northern part of Moscow and then moves towards St. Petersburg. During the journey, you will get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the banks and observe the onion domed churches of small coastal towns.

 Danube and Rhinedfsdfs

Danube and Rhine:

If you want to experience the European beauty on a cruise, then the Danube and Rhine cruise is the best option for you. The very first river cruises in Europe started on Danube and Rhine. The two rivers have been connected by a canal system. You can see the section of Rhine between Bonn and Bingen within a day. It is one of the loveliest parts of the river. There are many amazing cities by the sides of the river like Budapest, Vidin and Melk.



A cruise along the longest river of France can be your next unique holiday. It will take some time to explore the beautiful small towns and cities on the banks of Loire. Cruising on this river is pleasant because the cruise ship or boat does not halt at cross border checking points. By the side of the river, you will get to see amazing traditional castles and miles of manicured gardens.

 Sepik Siawi

Sepik River:

The banks of the Sepik River in Papua, New Guinea have a very diverse ecosystem. It has often been referred as the Amazon of the Asia Pacific. The river moves through the Alpine heaths and thick rainforests of this region. It falls into the Bismarck Sea. A huge portion of this river is still uncharted and exploring it can be a real adventure.



If you are looking for adventure, then the Zambezi River cruise should be a part of your next holiday. The wildlife you get to gaze along both the banks of this river is amazing to say the least. At the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the largest waterfall of Africa is located on this river and you can bungee jump from the top. Adventure sports cannot get more exciting than this. You may also do some tricky tackling at the Grade IV near the same spot.


There is numerous life fostering rivers around the world. They have helped us prosper and nurtured life and civilization for many centuries. Visiting some of these rivers can enrich you as a traveler.

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