Top ten light houses across the Globe

We have always seen lighthouses in terms of a vital link for the safety of mariners in harsh weather conditions. It is always a great experience to go and explore a lighthouse and watch the sea from a great height. As they attract sailors with the highlit beacons, they also attract thousands of visitors every year to have a look at their charm. Lighthouses attract visitors from all over the world to witness their majesty.  Here are some of the most incredible lighthouses in the world that will enrich your experiences.

Jeddah Lighthouse

1.  Jeddah Lighthouse

Situated in Saudi Arabia, this 436 feet high lighthouse made of concrete and steel is claimed to be the tallest lighthouse in the world. While conventional lighthouses were used as beacons, whereas lighthouse of Jeddah is the controlling tower for the city harbor and port. The light beacon itself is at a height of 113 meters.


2.  Perry Memorial Monument

This 352 feet tall monument standing in Ohio is highest lighthouse in the North America. Constructed in 1915, this is the world’s biggest Doric column. Beneath this lighthouse lie the remains of three British and three American officers. It is a symbol of international peace and disarmament.

Yokohama Marine Tower

3.    Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama tower was made in 1961 and is standing on steel skeletal. This is the tallest tower in Japan. Standing tall with a height of 332 feet, this tower gives you widest view of this area. The main characteristic of this lighthouse by which we can easily identify it is its course of flashing alternate green and red lights at every twenty seconds.


4.    Lle Vierge Lighthouse

This lighthouse made of stone is the tallest stone light house in Europe and highest among the traditional lighthouses in entire Europe. If France is your travel spot and you have interest in tradition, then this is must-visit place for you. Along this tower, there is another 82.5 meters tall lighthouse made of granite.

Lighthouse of Genoa

5.    Lighthouse of Genoa

If you are passing by Mediterranean and have interest in lighthouses then you should visit this place. Consisting of total 365 steps this lighthouse is 249 feet tall. This is one of the tallest lighthouses made of stone in Mediterranean. It is the symbol of Genoa and an important medium of night navigation. It is one of the oldest structures of its kind in Genoa.

Phare de Gatteville

6.    Phare de Gatteville

This lighthouse located in France is made of stone. It is a perfect and astonishing piece of artisanship. This lighthouse is stands tall at of 247 feet height. It was open for public until 1996 when it was shut down for renovation. However, it was reopened for public in 1997 as a museum. Currently it comprises 1600-watt Xenon light.

Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Lighthouse

7.    Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Lighthouse

Lesnoy Mole Rear is the only range lighthouse in the world. Standing at a height of 239 feet, this lighthouse is located in Saint Petersbug. It is among the four highest Traditional lighthouses in world.


8.    Mulantou Lighthouse

This lighthouse, also known as Hainan Head Light, is located in China. Built in 1995, this lighthouse is 237 feet high and is tallest in China. It flashes white lights at an interval of every 15 seconds. Featuring a cylindrical structure has a circular base; this monument depicts the south entrance to Qiongzhou.

Punta Penna Lighthouse

9.    Punta Penna Lighthouse

Punta Penna, located in the port of Vasto, is 229 feet high. It is second highest lighthouse in Italy after Genoa. This lighthouse was constructed here because of the importance of this place, as this is a natural harbor. Constructed in 1906, this lighthouse was attacked by German army and some of its parts were destroyed; however, it was reopened for public after some time. The architecture of this lighthouse is such that it looks like a brick building in form of a tower.

Vittoria Lighthouse

10.    Vittoria Lighthouse

With a height of 223 feet, Vittoria lighthouse is located in Italy. If you reach the top then you can have a spectacular view of Italy. Constructed in 1927, this structure is made of stone and comprises 285 steps. It is open for public and remains open throughout the week, except Wednesdays and Sundays. An 8.5 meters high sculpture of seaman adorns the front of this lighthouse.


As we have seen, lighthouses adapt with the changing era to attract from across the world. So if you want to experience some great monuments, then do visit these iconic beacons.

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