Best Carnivals that will let you go Crazy

Today we are going to witness some of the greatest carnivals in world that will make you go crazy. Every carnival in world involves a very different world of ecstasy and craziness. These festivals will have diverse entertainments like small elements of circus and street parties. These carnivals are culturally influenced and depict the tradition of that country. Here are some of the most popular carnivals across the globe that you can never forget.

Mardi Gras Carnival, New Orleans, USA

Mardi Gras Carnival, New Orleans, USA

Mardi Gras Carnival of New Orleans is surely one of most grand carnivals in world, as it keep getting bigger every year. This carnival ends on Tuesday known as “Fat Tuesday”. Every year, tourists come from all over the world to witness this grand celebration. Mardi Gras is celebrated in New Orleans since 1730s.

Main attractions of the carnivals are:

  • Mardi Gras Krewes (People involved in a parade)
  • These Krewes of Mardi Gras are its showstoppers. Tourists wait whole year just come to New Orleans and wittness these. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city.
  • Some of them are Krewe of Zulu, Rex, Bacchus, Proteus, Little rascals, Crescent city.

 Images from Rio De Janeiro's crazy Carnival

Rio de Janeiro carnival, Rio, Brazil

The festive spirit and the Samba music of Brazil add a glittering memory to the world-renowned Rio de Janeiro carnival of Brazil. Everything of Brazil ranging from beautiful sunset to the world renowned Samba makes it a perfect spot for celebration. In this carnival, you can have a diverse taste of different feasts and spirit of joy. The carnival stretches between hills and the beach. The modern style along with good music gives you a good mix of world famous Samba. This carnival deserves to be on the top list world-renowned carnivals.

Venice Carnival, Italy

Venice Carnival, Italy

Another famous carnival of Europe is The Venice Carnival. This carnival shows you the true side of Venice, suppressed in the hassles of modernization. Venice is the most beautiful place of Italy. A number of points are in favor of The Venice Carnival to be on the list including festive energy of people here, fantastic Italian food, some of the best music and dance. The major factor contributing to its popularity is the elegance and the beauty of Venice city. Venice carnival is the most splendid festival of Europe and most popular tourist attraction. All you can get is festive atmosphere with so much zeal that you may have never imagined. The most anticipated point of Venice carnival is its use of different type of masks having different colors and styles. Most famous among them is “Bauta.”

 Oktoberfest 2013 - Opening Day

Munich’s Oktoberfest, Germany

Germany’s most famous carnival is ‘Oktoberfest’ also known as “largest folk fest”. The city people along with the tourists remain excited for this fest throughout the year. The fest is full of different color costumes, gunmen’s parade, open-air performances and all this is accompanied by continuous supply of beer and sausages. The parade done by around 7000 people is the most breathtaking part of this carnival that has glimpses of Bavarian culture, traditions and costumes.

 Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai

Finally, the most awaited festival in Asia for which people across the Globe visit- ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’. This shopping bonanza attracts shop alcoholics from all over the world. The entire shopping enthusiast awaits this festival round the year. Each year more than 3.5 million tourists come to this festival and spend all together a whooping amount of around 10 billion AED. Celebrated every year since 1996, this shopping carnival was launched with an aim to promote tourism in Dubai and figures are still increasing every year.


Every year many carnivals are organized across the world aiming just to give you a lifetime experience and make your visit more memorable. So do visit these carnivals and take back with you some of the most joyful experiences of your life.

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