Tour Operators

Get Off the Beaten Track Tours in Israel with Zeltours

Traveling or visiting Israel, Jerusalem, Petra, Jordan, Jaffa, Caesarea? Read on to find out about the exciting activities and adventures that you can try with Zeltours: gourmet food  tours, wine tours, bike rides from the Mediterranean to Galilee, and more. . .

Discover South Africa in Eastern Cape with Imonti Tours

Imonti Tours began as a community based development program to aid disadvantaged communities in Eastern Cape through tourism – and has become one of the top tour operators in Eastern Cape today, with tours like the Nelson Mandela Freedom Trail that showcase culture, heritage, and tradition in Eastern Cape.

Culinary Tours of Montreal, Winter 2008

This winter, discover the best food in Montreal through various culinary tours being offered by Tourism Montreal. Participate in tastings and learn Montreal’s culinary history and influences.

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