Travel Guide – How to Avoid Being Pickpocketed on a Trip

Avoid Being Pickpocketed on a Trip

Travel is fun. Travel is adventurous. Travel is the antidote to the drudgery of modern life. Travel can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. Aside from the dangers of getting lost or accidentally upsetting the locals because you don’t understand their customs, there is also the very present and real danger of pickpockets. Let’s look at how you can avoid being pickpocketed while travelling.

Before we move on, it’s important to mention that COVID-19 has left those who wish to travel in somewhat of a difficult situation regarding whether or not lockdowns will affect their booking. There is also the problem of whether or not travel companies may go under, as in, whether the firm will have to declare bankruptcy – see this infographic for more details. That’s why it’s important to do your research and stay on top of developing news if you have booked to travel.

Coronavirus Travel Disruption Infographic

The basics – zip pockets and hip belts

woman-putting-money-in-hidden-pocketZip pockets aren’t a staple of adult fashion. It tends to be more of a kids’ clothes thing. However, a zip pocket has obvious advantages over open pockets when travelling. Not only will a zip pocket deter thieves from attempting to relieve you of your money and phone, it will prevent you from accidentally leaving things behind when you sit down (your mind will be on your trip, and you may not notice your phone dropping out of your open pocket). If you don’t own any clothing with zip pockets – and if you don’t plan to invest in any – think about taking a hip belt along with you. You’ll have to lift your top up slightly to access the belt, which can be off-putting for some people, but it’s much harder to steal from a hip belt than a pocket!

(bonus tip on the ‘the basics’: don’t put anything in your back pocket!)

Your backpack 

You are likely to be carrying a backpack while travelling. Make sure the straps are pulled tight and that your zippers are done up (any slight opening in the zipper presents an easy opportunity for pickpockets). When standing or sitting, move your bag to be in front of you. People who stand still or sit down and leave their bags unattended and out of sight behind them may find that their worldly possessions previously contained within are mysteriously missing when they come to check.

Try to avoid looking like a tourist

avoid-looking-like-a-touristThis is something we all do, but we must all try not to do. Tourists wear multiple layers – they don’t want to be caught out without their raincoat. They also tend to wear all day walking shoes, as if they are planning to scale the heights of Everest later on. These tell-tale signs show that your mind is going to be on the sights and sounds of the town, and on maps and sandwiches and conversation. You will, in essence, be distracted. By wearing your normal clothes, you won’t stand out as much and therefore hopefully won’t be targeted by thieves.

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