Visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

Demonic monkey guardians of the temples in Bangkok. Photo by Gizelle Lau.
Photo by Gizelle Lau.

At the large golden pagoda by the Royal Pantheon inside the Grand Palace of Bangkok, you’ll find these colourful demonic monkey-like mythical creatures guarding the pagoda.  

When you’re visiting Bangkok, there is no shortage of sights and temples to see, but of them all, the Grand Palace is a must.  Spires and roofs of gold – there’s a reason it’s called the Grand Palace.  Bring your sunglasses because it’s gold, gold, and more gold.

The palace was built in the late 1700’s and was used as a residence for the royal families.  More recently, the palace has been used mainly for ritual and ceremonial purposes. 

There’s so much to see at the Grand Palace, you could easily spend an entire morning or afternoon here.  Be sure not to miss the many pagodas, statues, mythical creatures, and fine details that make up the large monuments. 

The most important must-see at the Grand Palace is Wat Phra Kaew: The Temple of the Emerald Buddha.  It is the most sacred site in Thailand and within the highly adorned temple sits a jade statue of Buddha, dressed in gold.  According to legend, the figurine was created in Indian in 43 BC and has changed hands hundreds of time since until it found its resting place at the Grand Palace in 1784.

Entrance to the palace also gives you admission to Vimanmek Palace, a traditional Thai teak mansion, and Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall.  Pants and proper shirts (no shorts, tank tops, bare shoulders) are required so wear or carry them with you or you’ll have to spring for some not-so-fashionable pants in the market across the street.  Also be wary of pickpockets, people trying to sell you items, and tuk-tuks trying to scam you out of a few bahts.

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