World’s Craziest Roads

Ever thought about the design of roads or in what patterns the roads are made? Some roads are constructed with unique creativity ranging from zig-zag to passing below the summit. In the era of hassles and monotonous roads, have a look at these mind boggling roads that will surely make your journey refreshing and more memorable. People who pass down these roads could say only thing “I have never seen a road like this!” Here is the list of world’s craziest roads that will drive you crazy.


Passo dello Stelvio, Italy

Are you scared of heights and mountains? If yes, then this second highest pass in the mountains is just not for you. Constructed at a height of 9,000 feet, this whole pass consists of around 48 tight turns that will create a situation of fear along with feeling of adventure. Built in somewhere around 1820s; this pass with all renovation seems like a ribbon made of asphalt. It is full of never ending turns and swoops.

Always keeps your eyes in front even if there is no traffic. Many-times the beautiful scenery forces people to take away their eyes from the road and this proves to be fatal and life taker for them.

 Tremola, Switzerland

Tremola, Switzerland

Switzerland has always been famous for its unique scenic beauty. Its amazing beauty every year mesmerizes millions of travelers. However, if you want to experience its beauty more closely then try road routes. One the most popular routes in Switzerland are Gotthard Pass. This route is built on a 7000 foot high mountain. Main purpose of this route is to connect Andermatt village to Canton of Ticino. Motorists count this route among the toughest in Europe. It is also a thrilling and adventurous place for all the motorcycle riders. The route is all about drive and seeing the amazing natural beauty. So, book a horse drawn carriage, sit back and watch the panoramic beauty of this place at fewer paces.


Baldwin Street, New Zealand

Baldwin is the world’s steepest street with reaching up-to 232 feet in just two tenth of a mile. This route seems like a place to shoot up skyrockets in between the sleepy town. In-spite of all the changes, this road never gained more than 35 percent gradient. If you ever drive through this road then you can surely feel the stress on the engine in first gear. Imagine a human being in the same scenario, what would happen to a human’s legs if he tries to climb this road. To test this, every year in the month of February a competition is held in which athletes go up and comes down this hill to finish in the least possible time.

 Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas Road, Bolivia

Some roads are meant to keep you unsafe. In Bolivia, a mountain pass is nicknamed as “The road of Death” or El Camino de la Muerte. The level of danger of this mountain pass is calculated in terms of more than 200 lives it takes every year. This pass connects rain-forest town of Coroico to the Bolivia’s capital La Paz. Some of the turns have no room for error, not even a single percent. Stretched to a length of around 38 miles, this single lane route is full of pitfalls and faces frequent rainstorms. This pass made around the 15,000 foot summit will scare you as there is nothing between you and the 2000 foot deep cliffs. All you have to do is grab your steering hard and keep your eyes only on road. Only this way you can survive this dangerous route.

Summary: Do you think that you are adventurous and want to feel some real adventure? If so, then a drive through these craziest roads will surely make you to think again about your love for roads and adventure.

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